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Drawing: Heinke Vollers

Welcome to My World

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Anis Online is a journalistic art website in German, English, French and Arabic with about 1500 pages. It contains music, poetry and prose, essays, children's stories, satires, interviews, media reviews, Palestiniana, Orient Online, drawings, a Beatles page, and a lot more.

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Music as a Dictionary + Nine Levels of Knowing a Word

Learning Languages: TED Talks, Now My Ultimate Language Resource

Charles Matthews Obituary (May 10)

My article "Learning languages with citybooks" on the citybooks website in English and Dutch (Jan. 18)

Flea Cartoons

Cultural History: How the Early Muslims Conceptualized Science (Essay)

Living Room Sessions: Playlist

1998-2015 (Cartoon)

So what will it be: Violence or Nonviolence? Essay on the Status of Nonviolent Strategies

Do-It-Yourself Light Table

Exhibition: 50 Mini Drawings

Catfish Cantos

Video: Origami Triangle World

Choir Spring Festival: Chorwerkstatt Berlin sings the Frühlingslied (YouTube)

FAQ About Germany (Satire)

Concert Photos 2014 and Other Pics

Miniature Books

Jerusalem and Athens On Gilad Atzmon's Book "The Wandering Who" and the Reactions

Clouds in the Heads (Poetry) on YouTube

Gaza 1, Gaza 2, and What Now, Peace?

"Maybe There Are No Women Anymore" Excerpt from "Understanding Islam. A Practical Handbook" (2013)

FLOOD interview on "Das Neue Rheingold" Blog (April 28)

Anis' Fasting Diary (March-May 2012)

On The Bridge (Poem)

Also on Anis Online ...
Review of the Book "On Palestine" by Noam Chomsky, Ilan Pappé and Frank Barat (ed.). Palestine: The Search for a New Language +++ Eleven Years of Anis Online +++ Birding with Anis (1): In the Lenneberg Forest (YouTube) +++ Anis' Giant Pictures in a Doctor's Practise (Commented Photos) +++ Adel Ibrahim: Arabic Calligraphy (Interview with video) +++ Mohammed Hassona: Gaza Posters (Interview with pictures) +++ The Free Gaza Art Festival (2008) +++ Bamboo - The Story +++ THE BOYS: FRANKLIN (Dialogue) +++ Object "Snails on Sticks" +++ "Kings We Are, with Wings of Dust. Memories of the Shalom Salam Tour (2004)" (123 pp) +++ Video Art: Sabine Yacoub's "Meer der Kraniche" (YouTube, Music by Anis) +++ Books! Giant drawing +++ Alice Miller in Gaza (Article) +++ "Just a Word". Interview with Poet Mhara Costello +++ Portraits by Sabine Matthes (Celebrity photos) +++ Review "Elvis vs. Spankox Re: Versions" +++ A German Palestinian Identity. Anis Hamadeh, speech script, University of Leipzig 2005 (pdf, 8 pp) +++ Interview with Yahav Zohar, Senior Guide for Green Olive Tours +++ Anis Online has tested the new ultrasonic micro teeth cleaning method +++ an Elvis Page +++ Hamburg's Reeperbahn by Night, Around 1966. Review of Graham Sclater's beat novel "Ticket to Ride" +++ Artie Fishel and the Promised Band: Review of Gilad Atzmon's CD +++ Make Peace with the Arab Neighbors. Review of "Israel's Irrweg. A Jewish Point of View" (in German) by Rolf Verleger +++ Five Days in Iraq. Jürgen Todenhoefer's Book "Why do you kill, Zaid?" +++ Interview with the musician Ofer Golany from Jerusalem +++ Review Kai Wiedenhöfer: Wall +++ Summary of study on the Reproach of anti-Semitism +++ "Sharing the Land of Canaan" Study by Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, reviewed by Anis Hamadeh in June 2005 +++ Interview with Mazin on Lebanon, Israel, Palestine +++ Book review by Ludwig Watzal: Jonathan Cook, Blood and Religion +++ a published article about the concept of science in early Islam +++ Chess Interviews 1, 2, 3, 4 +++ Interview about Nonkilling with Professor Glenn D. Paige +++ Canada: Proposal for a Federal Department of Peace. Interview with Dr. Bill Bhaneja, University of Ottawa +++ an Elvis Presley Page +++ and on Orient Online: The Music of Doc Jazz +++ then there is Latuff's Room +++ Alaa's Room +++ and also Sabine's Room +++ the story of how the album "Anis Electric" was composed and recorded in a single day.

"The path of nonviolence is the path into the public."


The Poets


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