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Internet Resources and Language Materials
Update March 2024
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50 Languages has 100 chapters with ca. 20 sentences each. Combine any two languages. Plus Audios and extras.

Easy Turkish has far more than 200 videos by now. Street interviews plus many extra lessons. With integrated Turkish and English subtitles.

TurkishClass101.com, almost 1000 videos including readings, listening practise, grammar, words, everything.

Language Animated, hundreds of nice short Turkish lessons. It also has some Urdu and other languages.

The YouTube playlist of Turkishle is a professional language school with more than 250 good lessons on YouTube.

Languages and Music with Meryl, 200+ video lessons

It's So Turkish: Short films in everyday Turkish with introduction to Turkish culture.

Turkish with Burcu, 60+ videos, focussing on expressions and words

Learn Turkish The Easy Way. 1000+ vids, grammar & texts

Fluent in Turkish has some cool free lessons with audio and PDF.

Göknel, Turkish Grammar: 438 pp PDF, Wikimedia


Videos, Films & More

Huge TED Talk collection in Turkish with subs

Barış Özcan tells stories about art, design and technology. With subtitles

YouTube playlist of Turkish TV series with English subs

Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi (BKM), many films and shows, some with subs

Haber Global, news in Turkish, no subs

Pireler: Tüm zamanların en küçük karikatür kahramanları

NaWa: One hour audio and text on trauma relief in Turkish and other languages, studio quality

Cosmo Türkçe: Podcast and videos in Turkish by German radio/TV WDR

Digital Dialects, language games in Turkish

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