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Language Pages Intro
Materials and Philosophy
Update April 2024
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The Anis Online pages dedicated to individual languages highlight and reflect resources which have been important on my journey. On this intro page you can find some general resources and thoughts on language acquisition. It started out as a diary blog in 2016 and, in 2024, was adjusted to the new language pages, serving as an introduction featuring general useful information rather than boring diary entries. All materials mentioned on the Anis Online language pages are free of charge and have free access.
About me: I am a German speaker with English as the second language and Arabic (which I started at 16) as the third. I haven't talked much in any other language. My French is not bad, I know some Italian, Persian and Russian and also deal with Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Portuguese and Latin. This is the first group of (twelve) languages with which I spend time. The second group contains languages in which I dipped a foot, like Kurdish, Somali, Swedish, Greek, Urdu/Hindi and a couple of others. Usually I have focus phases ranging from one weekend to a whole semester, e.g. one week Turkish, then Italian. The audios on my mobile are in several laguages at a time.

Contents: General Resources – Guided Meditation – TED Talks 

General Resources

50 Languages has 100 chapters with ca. 20 sentences each. Combine any two languages. Plus Audios and extras.
Easy Languages: YouTube channel with bilingual subtitles. Many languages, some rare.
LanguagePod101: A large video course with bilingual sentences plus many extras in 34 languages. By innovativelanguage.com. You can e.g. search for "pod101 Turkish" on YouTube.
TED Talks: Talks in over 100 languages, mostly with subtitles. See the entry on TED below.
Learn101: Lessons in 104 languages for beginners. About e.g. alphabet, adjectives, nouns, plural, gender, numbers, phrases, grammar, vocabulary, verbs, exam, audio, translation
context.reverso: Translator, especially for idioms and expressions. The conjugator is also super. Languages: arab dt en sp fr it jap kor nl pl pt rum rus sv tü ukr chin.
Glosbe Dictionary: All languages. Probably the biggest online dictionary in the world.
Lexilogos: Dictionary for 250 languages. Links to thousands of dictionaries and resources.
WordReference: Dictionary for 18 languages.
Cooljugator: Conjugations in 42 languages
Google translate: This translator in now 133 languages is known. What is less known is that it has improved considerably over the years.
Wiktionary:Frequency lists: Lists for the most frequent words in 190 languages
Flashcardo: Flashcards for 52 languages with quizzes, games and more.
CRAM Language Flashcards: Flashcards for 130 languages, with download options.
All Language Resources: Helping language learners find the resources they need
Free Language Magazine: Discover learning apps, videos, podcasts, courses, games, methods and more for 100 languages
Polyglossic: Entertaining polyglot articles
Ethnologue: Scientific encyclopedia of all languages in the world
Omniglott: The Online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. A fun site with a lot to discover and many links
MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter: With this freeware you can transform videos to mp3s.
Numbers to Words Converter: This tool gives you the right words for all the numbers in 53 languages.
Online OCR Conversion: With this tool you can extract texts from a PDF file, e.g. Russian texts. Supports 35 languages.

Ecolinguist, 230+ vids. Norbert Wierzbicki's channel. Language comparisons, second to none

Langfocus with Paul. 180+ vids. Introductions to all aspects of a particular language, and more

JuLingo with Julie. 30+ videos. Introductions to specific languages.

Days and Words, 180+ vids, "A quest to make the best language related videos in the world."

Richard Simcott, 380+ vids. "I set up the Polyglot Conference, where I bring together people to talk about language-related topics."

Steve Kaufmann - lingosteve. 1850+ vids. "I have learned 20 languages and in my videos I share the techniques and resources I use"

NativLang, 200+ vids. Animated stories about people living on a planet full of languages and cultures.


Guided Meditation

Make yourself comfortable... take a deep breath in... and out... you're in a safe place... where you can relax... Guided meditations are a perfect tool for acquiring languages. Here are ten reasons why:

1. There are tons of free meditation audios online (in this depressing age, one might add).
2. You can easily find them by searching for "guided meditation" in the language you want.*
3. They come in all major and some minor languages.
4. The general topic is clear and predictable.
5. The audios come in different time formats: 10 minutes, one hour etc.
6. The meditation is per definition relaxing, with musical elements.
7. The text is spoken slowly and has pauses between short units.
8. The voice (of your choosing) is pleasant and well-articulated.
9. The recording is of studio quality.
10. It is easy to convert it from YouTube to mp3 format and stick it on your mobile.

* Copy & paste for example: begeleide meditatie (nl) begleitete Meditation (dt) vägledd meditation (sv) guidet meditation (da) guidet meditasjon (no) méditation guidée (fr) meditazione guidata (it) meditación guiada (sp) meditação guiada (pt) meditație ghidată (rum) καθοδηγούμενος διαλογισμός (gr) медитация (ru) керована медитація (uk) medytacja z przewodnikiem (pl) مدیتیشن (fa) ohjattu meditaatio (fi) rehberli meditasyon (tk) التأمل الإرشادي (ar) 导引冥想 (ch) 誘導瞑想 (ja) 가이드 명상 (ko) meditasi yang dipandu (in)

TED Talks, a Language Resource

(2019) TED talks, Technology, Entertainment, Design. This popular nonprofit global thinktank with millions of views and millions of translations in subtitles is a fine resource. TED talks are live monologues of about a quarter of an hour (8-20 mins). Most talks have subtitles at least in the language in which they are presented. There are few talks that are boring. Also, there are immediate reactions from the audience. This is not to be underestimated, as you, the learner, want to be among this happy crowd of understanders every time the audience laughs or applauds. Can you find all languages in TED? No. Actually, it is not so obvious which languages are available because you cannot filter talks in specific languages. On this page you can see all the languages, some of which have more than 3000 contributions.
Below there are two samples of how texts like TED talks can be organized for studying. There is this "x2" function in Word next to the functions bold, italics, font size etc. Note the dry humor and the dry way it was presented in the finale of the sentence: "Según parece, el consumo de droga en el ejército americano en Vietnam alcanzaba unos niveles tan astronómicos que formaba parte de la vida y de la cultura de allídort, igual que el rock and roll o disparar a la gente pobre". Talks in Farsi can also be analyzed this way, despite the fact that there often are formatting problems with Farsi and Arabic texts because of the writing direction. But once this is solved, the handling is quite easy.

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