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Farsi: Internet Resources and Language Materials
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Goethe 50 Languages has 100 chapters with ca. 20 sentences each. Combine any two languages. Plus Audios and extras.

PersianPod101.com 700+ videos including readings, listening practise, grammar, words, everything.

Persian Learning with Majid, 280+ vids for all levels, with readings, interviews, grammar and more

My Persian Corner with Pontia, 140+ vids, creative mix of grammar, vocabulary and texts

Café Denj Mini drama. 14 vids with subtitles and translation, also vocabulary. Try!

Learn Persian with Asal 180+ videos with podcasts and a lot more.

Talk like a Persian 280+ vids of varying content, e.g. film clips

Reza Nazari 1300+ vids, structured courses, very useful

Learn Persian Online 2500+ vids, many classical texts with translations and a lot more

AlmaniBeFarsi with Ashkan, 1400+ vids, Deutsch/Persisch, umfangreiches Programm

Five College LangMedia Persian Grammar Playlist, 45 vids, with blackboard

Rihla ila l-Farisiye (al-Kauthar TV) 40 vids, Arabic/Persian, see description below

Video Channels (many with subtitles)

Farsism (New in 2023, Farsi lessons)
StoryTime In Farsi (134)
Persian World (31)
Bplus Podcast (362)
Ali Aghajanzadeh (141)
Mototourist (622)
Deep Podcast (207)
BBC Persian
Iran International
TPM - Top Persian Movies (5385)
Cine Mehr (644)
Tunnel Zaman (235)
manototv (11234)
AriaKeoXer (1216)
Kouman (147)
ECO COOK (523)
TrendeFarsi (68)
Benyamin BE (520)
Toxic Girl (345)
Mehran MK (327)
Jabeye Siyah (246)
Movarekh Podcast (193)
cinemamovarekh (30)


کَک: کوچکترین قهرمانان کارتونی در تمام دورانها

NaWa: One hour audio and text on trauma relief in Persian and other languages, studio quality

Digital Dialects, language games in Farsi



persianyoutubers.com Best Persian Youtube Channels and Iranian Youtubers
Persian Online. Grammar and Resources. Austin University Texas
learn101.org/farsi_audio for audio vocabulary and sentences
Dictionaries: aryanpour.com and farsidic, also dictionary.abadis.ir (engl) + loghatnameh.de (fa/dt) + dic.b-amooz.com/de/dictionary (fa->dt)
https://persiandee.com/view/reading/currentLesson/6 7 Texts with audios, 2-3 mins
rfi.fr/fa/%D9%BE%D8%A7%D8%AF%DA%A9%D8%B3%D8%AA/ RFI radio podcasts in Farsi

More II

I love the series "Rihla ma'a l-Faarisiye" which is Arabic and means: Journey with the Persian Language. It is such a gem, provided you speak Arabic. The series is about a Lebanese student, Hasan, who visits his friend Mohsen in Teheran for language studies. The forty episodes are about 25 minutes each. Hasan gets a nice room in the house of Mohsen`s family with learning materials and a lot of space. Looks a bit like a dollhouse, but it is a generous gesture, anyhow. Some of the lessons take place here, but the two friends also go places and talk with people in the restaurant, the museum, at the counter and in the gym. Mohsen studies film-making and he knows Arabic. So the main language is Arabic. When they speak Farsi, the text appears in Farsi and Arabic as subtitles.

A running gag is that words magically appear on the wall, in the mirror and in several other places. People and things can also appear and disappear. Whenever Hasan asks how this can be, his friend answers: "This is not important. Important is that you learn Farsi." There are also ironic self-references in the program, for example when the father says: "There is a language program on Al-Kawthar which you may find useful." Al-Kawthar is the Iranian TV program that broadcast the series; the whole content of the channel is in Arabic. Each episode has a grammar part where a teacher (Dr. Mas'ood Fikri, the author of the series himself!) stands at a desk talking to six students about grammatical phenomena. They look a little like a gospel choir. The lessons are very useful and the teacher is an expert in the Arabic language, too. Of course, this whole thing is in Arabic and for Arabs, but it is something else and it is easy to identify with Hasan and follow his approach. The way he repeats things, the way he stutters his first words, the way he really wants to know ... all this is captivating. - No matter which language you are learning, find this thing that captivates you!

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