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Novel by Anis Hamadeh

German Intro  
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English Intro  
I. Omegan Concepts:

Ana (with long starting A): consciousness
At (with short A): period of war between Omegans and Giants
Batuum: fruit which is celebrated each year at the Batuum Feast which also is called the feast of love
Berit: most important language on Omega 5
Bitfu: literally: "Beat Planet", Omegan for "Earth"
Dom : village community as a political unit
Domra: 1. plural of "dom", 2. adjective "different, individual"
Earth makara: earth men of the size of guinea-pigs with minor language capacities
Ga: giant
Gadom: city in the south of Targos
Gatrok: legendary giant fish
Iram: high plateau of the size of Australia, domicile of the giants
Ka-: "belonging to"
Kin (with long "ee" sound): flower on Omega 5
Koda Ka Miraat: the "Book of Peace", basis of the Omegan culture, 8.000 years old.
Lanoka: oily fruit out of which fuel is produced
Lemurs: monkey-like creature with language abilities
Letra: currency on Omega 5
Ma: five
Maka, plural makara: name of the Omegans, derived from "Omega ma kara"
mi: 1. prefix like Latin co-; 2. verb "to move"
Miana: synthesis, "co-consciousness", concept from Omegan philosophy
Miraat: approximately: "peace in cooperation", concept from Omegan philosophy
Munk: died out giant mammal, mixture between bear and mole
Myr, Targos, Latuna (with long u): the three continents of Omega 5
Nile: river in Raat
Oraat: "peace that comes about through publicity", concept from Omegan philosophy
Pradma: blue shimmering underground jewel from Gadom
Quabo: small amphibious animal with elephant skin and tentacles, is utilized as a neutral inductor
Ra: 1. plural suffix; 2. "peace" / "God"
Raat (two syllables): capitol of Omega 5 at the foot of Iram; literally circa: "peace after the war"
Rubinon: a kind of dice game
Shum: big bird which transports one or two passengers over long distances
Suam: non-delegate inhabitant of Raat
Tersund: the "fifth continent" after Iram as the forth. Cold, inhabited island in the south, famous for its hot springs
Tiokan: Omegan equivalent to the internet, literally: "electric machine for public communication"
To: Omegan epoch
Yahala: city on the southern shore of Latuna

II. Omegans:

Aksan: philologist, Disciple of Miko Makao
Belion: the Omegan discoverer of the earth (1965)
Bo: lemur out of the Snow-white Woods
Brak: Latunic Poet
Gandor: tyrant meditator who was beaten in 1353
Hekto: lemur movie star
Jonas: traveler, cultural mediator, hero of the story
Jorub: giant from the early period, who was killed by Omegans
Kara: Jonas's meditator
Kiriana: one of the perl divers
Luqa: the traveler from the Nile
Miko Makao: first translator of terrestrial literature
Monia: figure out of the Omegan literature of the To Epoch, similar to Lewis Carol's "Alice in Wonderland"
Myrlon the Cruel: mythical tyrant of Myr
Orfi Kanto: poet, Jonas's lover
Org: one of the giants, friend of Jonas's
Raokin: head of the perl divers who are traveling between the earth and Omega 5
Rima: disciple of Taoh's and founder of Raat
Suui: Omegan medium
Taoh: author of the Koda, one of the first known meditator