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Anis, August 27, 2008

Faked Elder of Ziyon: Hello faked Anis!
Faked Anis: And who would you be?
FEZ: I am the Faked Elder of Ziyon.
Faked Anis: Great name!
FEZ: Isn't it?
Faked Anis: It's an anti-Semitic thing, isn't it?
FEZ: Very funny.
Faked Anis: The Protocols of the ...
FEZ: Yes, very funny to call me an anti-Semite.
Faked Anis: I didn't. I was referring to your name.
FEZ: You support terrorism.
Faked Anis: Do I?
FEZ: Yes, you sing the Free Gaza Song.
Faked Anis: Oh, how could I.
FEZ: That's why I made a parody of it.
Faked Anis: It is not a parody, actually. You stole my video.
FEZ: It is my right. Freedom of opinion. I posted it at YouTube: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=57-7fwSBZac
Faked Anis: Freedom of copyright infringement.
FEZ: Moonbats for terrorism, that's what you are.
Faked Anis: I see.
FEZ: Y-o-u-s-u-p-p-o-r-t-P-a-l-e-s-t-i-n-i-a-n-t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-m
Faked Anis: Of course
FEZ: You only pretend to be for peace.
Faked Anis: Thanks for enlightening me.
FEZ: You say that Arabs should kill Jews.
Faked Anis: Do I?
FEZ: This is what I wrote in the new subtitles.
Faked Anis: Yes I saw that. It is called defamation.
FEZ: Defamation, pah! You support the death of Jews.
Faked Anis: This is what you publically say about me, at least. On the stolen video.
FEZ: You put together unbelievably bad crap you pretend to be music in support of the rights of terrorists to kill Jews with impunity.
Faked Anis: This is what you write about me on your website: http://elderofziyon.blogspot.com/
FEZ: Of course!
Faked Anis: It goes too far. You cannot just accuse me like that. I will take action.
FEZ: You threaten me! How dare you.
Faked Anis: I threaten you?
FEZ: You don't practise what you preach.
Faked Anis: How do you know all these things?
FEZ: You swoon over Hamas speech.
Faked Anis: Because I sing "Free Gaza"?
FEZ: Just wondering what your definition of "free speech" includes, Anis!
Faked Anis: Faked Anis, please.
FEZ: Of course, faked Anis
Faked Anis: This is all fake.
FEZ: "Peace activists" threaten me.
Faked Anis: Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube.
FEZ: It is my freedom. You are for freedom, aren't you?
Faked Anis: You are not free.
FEZ: Of course I am. I called Rachel Corrie an idiot and a tool of terrorists.
Faked Anis: She was killed by an Israeli tank when she defended the human rights.
FEZ: Her death was a victory.
Faked Anis: I saw that you wrote that on your blog.
FEZ: Her death has been the best thing since the SS Liberty!
Faked Anis: You wrote that, too.
FEZ: Yes! And I am proud of it.
Faked Anis: This is your level.
FEZ: I think you meant that as an insult.
Faked Anis: I said: this is your level.
FEZ: You won't get away with insulting me, you bastard.
Faked Anis: And for how long have you been doing this game?
FEZ: I defend Israel.
Faked Anis: Obviously.
FEZ: You bring guns to the shore with your terrorism boats.
Faked Anis: What nonsense.
FEZ: Guns, guns, guns, you want all Jews dead.
Faked Anis: Will you stop that now.
FEZ: You are threatening me again.
Faked Anis: All because of the Free Gaza Song?
FEZ: Hamas! Terrorism! Hello, anybody home?
Faked Anis: I will not let you say these things.
FEZ: Tell me, do you hate Jews?
Faked Anis: Do you?
FEZ: I hate nobody. I am a good guy.
Faked Anis: What about Palestinians?
FEZ: You mean terrorists?
Faked Anis: And you really think you can say all this without any consequences?
FEZ: Threats! Gaza moonbats try to sue me! What have I done?
Faked Anis: Well, as I said before, you ...
FEZ: I have my rights! I am allowed to defend myself.
Faked Anis: I don't think this will work out for you.
FEZ: Look, morality is not an outdated concept.
Faked Anis: You should hear yourself talk.
FEZ: Maybe you cannot take criticism, could that be the reason?
Faked Anis: Palestine will be free!
FEZ: Terrorist!
Faked Anis: Thank you for your opinion.
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