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Anis, March 05, 2008
See e.g. BBC News, 29 February 2008, Israel warns of Gaza 'holocaust':

Faked Anis: Shalom faked Deputy Minister.
Faked Deputy Minister: Shalom and another Shalom.
Faked Anis: You said you would bring a bigger Shoa to the Palestinians.
FDM: This is of course utter nonsense.
Faked Anis: So what did you say?
FDM: I said the stepped-up rocket fire will trigger a bigger Shoa.
Faked Anis: Well, where is the difference?
FDM: I never said Israel would do that.
Faked Anis: Who else, Colombia? Turkey?
FDM: No no, they are doing it themselves. The Palestinians.
Faked Anis: What are they doing?
FDM: Shoa. Shoa.
Faked Anis: I don't quite follow.
FDM: They shoot rockets although they know they will suffer.
Faked Anis: Most of those, who suffer, do not shoot rockets.
FDM: T-h-e-c-i-v-i-l-i-a-n-s-s-h-e-l-t-e-r-t-h-e-t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-t-s.
Faked Anis: They suffer anyway. There is an occupation going on.
FDM: That is only a pretext. No one really cares for that.
Faked Anis: You obviously don't. So the situation reminds you of the Shoa, right?
FDM: Yes.
Faked Anis: With the Palestinians as Nazis and Jews in one?
FDM: Rather the first.
Faked Anis: Or maybe you meant that Israel is like Germany, both have a Shoa?
FDM: This has nothing to do with Israel.
Faked Anis: The blood and soil ideology ...
FDM: Mind you, we are a democracy.
Faked Anis: ... living space in the East ...
FDM: The wall stays where it is!
Faked Anis: ... violence as the major political method ...
FDM: Of course, we are confronted with hate. They want to kill us all.
Faked Anis: ... systematic and collective persecution of minorities ...
FDM: I have no idea who you are talking about.
Faked Anis: ... expulsion and confiscation ...
FDM: That was long ago.
Faked Anis: ... prisons for 10.000 ethnically singled out people ...
FDM: For a moment I thought you would say concentration camps.
Faked Anis: Ten thousand terrorists?
FDM: Probably more. They grow like weed.
Faked Anis: Don't you think your behavior only brings more violence?
FDM: This old chestnut. Look, TELL THAT TO THE TERRORISTS.
Faked Anis: The question remains how you want to succeed with your policy.
FDM: You are quite right, we need a solution.
Faked Anis: And what kind of solution are you thinking of?
FDM: Well, let's face facts: they will never stop hating us.
Faked Anis: So?
FDM: Israel is longing for a lasting solution.
Faked Anis: For a moment I thought you would say final solution.
FDM: Yeah, a kind of final solution.
Faked Anis: Gulp
FDM: You don't know how hard decisions can really be.
Faked Anis: I have a notion.
FDM: No, for oneself, I mean. You lay awake at night and stuff.
Faked Anis: How inconvenient!
FDM: It is terrible.
Faked Anis: And what do you think is the reason ...
FDM: They are just uncivilized, if you ask me. Plus Islam is anti-Semitic, you are just not allowed to openly say it.
Faked Anis: No I mean the reason why the human rights were established?
FDM: Oh that! That was after the Shoa.
Faked Anis: Which one?
FDM: Ha ha, you got a sense o'humor, I like that.
Faked Anis: And why were they established?
FDM: "Established" is a relative term.
Faked Anis: Proclaimed?
FDM: Yeah. Proclaimed is much better.
Faked Anis: Are they important, at all?
FDM: In times of peace, yes.
Faked Anis: Did you ever experience times of peace?
FDM: No, but you know why that is.
Faked Anis: Eye-witnesses in Gaza talk about human legs, fingers and body parts scattered in the streets.
FDM: The usual propaganda. What would you expect?
Faked Anis: And what do you expect?
FDM: We will do everything for Israel's security.
Faked Anis: Everything?
FDM: You have no idea about the dangers Israel faces.
Faked Anis: Yes I have. You are in danger of destroying yourself and everyone around you.
FDM: If you say this I must end the interview.
Faked Anis: Why?
FDM: Because you are being unfair.
Faked Anis: Oh. Always so misunderstood, eh?
FDM: Indeed, yes. If you could just understand ...
Faked Anis: That you take revenge on Hitler via the Palestinians?
FDM: No the threat. The threat we live under, day by day.
Faked Anis: Aren't the Palestinians threatened? Your government behaves like the worst terrorists.
FDM: Yeah they shall feel it!
Faked Anis: But you are a government with bombs and tanks.
FDM: The USA and Europe knew about Gaza before we did it. They did not argue much.
Faked Anis: And did they like your Shoa quote, too?
FDM: Maybe you should just open your eyes to the facts!
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