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Anis, March 11, 2007

Faked Anis: Hello faked Bishop.
Faked Bishop: Good evening.
Faked Anis: So you went to Palestine.
Faked Bishop: We went to Israel and the occupied territories, yes.
Faked Anis: And you criticized Israel for human rights violations, didn't you?
Faked Bishop: Only at first.
Faked Anis: Only at first?
Faked Bishop: Yes, at first we did and now we don't.
Faked Anis: Oh, that's awkward.
Faked Bishop: Not at all.
Faked Anis: No?
Faked Bishop: Of course not. We are Germans.
Faked Anis: So?
Faked Bishop: We must accept that it is not easy for our former victims.
Faked Anis: The Zionists?
Faked Bishop: The Jews.
Faked Anis: And what about the Zionists?
Faked Bishop: Who is that? I never heard of them.
Faked Anis: Oh, well, the Zionist State follows an aggressive selfish policy.
Faked Bishop: Really?
Faked Anis: Yeah, you see, all the violence against Palestinians.
Faked Bishop: Yeah, I saw that.
Faked Anis: Yeah, and you said it is wrong.
Faked Bishop: No please, I really am only devoted to God.
Faked Anis: God don't like it, either.
Faked Bishop: This is beyond our capacities.
Faked Anis: So they brainwashed you, ey?
Faked Bishop: What?
Faked Anis: Well, all those Israeli ambassadors and Zionists.
Faked Bishop: They called it close to anti-Semitism.
Faked Anis: This is what they say about all critics.
Faked Bishop: I finally understood.
Faked Anis: They told you how to behave.
Faked Bishop: They convinced me.
Faked Anis: Of course.
Faked Bishop: I swear.
Faked Anis: Did you ever think about credibility?
Faked Bishop: In which sense?
Faked Anis: You trust an ambassador more than your own eyes.
Faked Bishop: I dreamt I saw a huge wall!
Faked Anis: This wasn't a dream.
Faked Bishop: The ambassador told me so.
Faked Anis: I see.
Faked Bishop: The good thing about Christianity is...
Faked Anis: Yes?
Faked Bishop: ...that you always have someone to tell you...
Faked Anis: ...what to think and what to do?
Faked Bishop: It is a relief.
Faked Anis: And Hitler?
Faked Bishop: What do you mean?
Faked Anis: Nazi Germany? Role of the church?
Faked Bishop: I have no idea what you are talking about.
Faked Anis: Human rights violations.
Faked Bishop: The Israelis are the exact opposite of Hitler.
Faked Anis: Why?
Faked Bishop: They were the victims.
Faked Anis: The Zionists?
Faked Bishop: The Jews!
Faked Anis: Don't you think you're kind of treasoning your religion?
Faked Bishop: No.
Faked Anis: It was just a question.
Faked Bishop: We must seek to end the Middle East conflict.
Faked Anis: Without criticizing Israel, that is.
Faked Bishop: You must understand Israel.
Faked Anis: Must I?
Faked Bishop: Yes you must, or all the victims of the Holocaust will curse you.
Faked Anis: What nonsense.
Faked Bishop: They feel the pain again...
Faked Anis: Who, the Palestinians?
Faked Bishop: Please don't say this word.
Faked Anis: What, Palestinians?
Faked Bishop: It is the Jews. Them, of course, our former victims.
Faked Anis: I rather think it's the brainwash.
Faked Bishop: No, I just don't trust my eyes anymore, that's all.
Faked Anis: But how?
Faked Bishop: I was so sure that it is not right...
Faked Anis: Yes.
Faked Bishop: I thought Israel is wrong with all this violence.
Faked Anis: You said it when you were there.
Faked Bishop: I thought I saw cruelty and shame.
Faked Anis: Committed by Israel.
Faked Bishop: But I was wrong, and now I'm saved.
Faked Anis: Are you sure you did not forget anything?
Faked Bishop: Like what?
Faked Anis: Human rights, international law, Geneva Conventions, principles of your church, common sense....
Faked Bishop: I don't remember these concepts. Everything is so far away now.
Faked Anis: I see.
Faked Bishop: We must urgently make peace in the Middle East!
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