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Anis, 25 January 2003
Based on an interview in the Frankfurter Rundschau on 25 Jan. 03:

Faked Reporter: How will things go on, Ms. Shalev?
Faked Ms. Shalev: It is sheer desperation.
FR: You are an Israeli writer. Will you go to the elections?
Faked Ms. Shalev: I will give the labor party a chance. But it is no use.
FR: I see.
Faked Ms. Shalev: My nervs are completely ruined. Here in Jerusalem it's only Intifada Intifada.
FR: Really?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes, I even started to protect myself from the news, they are only frightening me.
FR: Why don't you go to Tel Aviv, there it is more calm.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Well, you know, I like Jerusalem. Although it is a terror city.
FR: A terror city?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes, you can be dead from one minute to the other.
FR: Or abroad?
Faked Ms. Shalev: No, it is my duty to stay in Israel. This is why we built this country.
FR: To live in security.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes, to live in security. And now this!
FR: Do you dream about peace?
Faked Ms. Shalev: No, I almost every time dream about terror attacks and imagine the worst things.
FR: Do you feel safe in West Jerusalem?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Not exactly. But this fear sometimes is really ridiculous, too.
FR: And your children?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Of course they suffer a lot.
FR: How do the children handle the Palestinian problem?
Faked Ms. Shalev: The Palestinians have screwed them up completely.
FR: Friends abroad have offered to save them.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Of course it is sad that we have to live such a life, but we are innoscent.
FR: What do you think about Germany?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Well, it does, in fact, still remind me a little of the Nazi time. Achtung Achtung! etc.
FR: What, this is enough to frighten you?
Faked Ms. Shalev: I told you my nervs are completely ruined.
FR: We are sorry.
Faked Ms. Shalev: But one day I will be able to forgive you. We will manage.
FR: Critics say the German press is pro-Palestinian...
Faked Ms. Shalev: Of course it is. The journalists are too stupid to understand the contexts.
FR: I see.
Faked Ms. Shalev: The Europeans do not know how much there is at stake for us.
FR: I see.
Faked Ms. Shalev: The Europeans do not know the facts and are quick in their judgment about us.
FR: For example?
Faked Ms. Shalev: 1. T-h-e-r-e-h-a-d-b-e-e-n-t-e-r-r-o-r-e-v-e-n-b-e-f-o-r-e-t-h-e-o-c-c-u-p-a-t-i-o-n-!
FR: Ms. Shalev, everything alright with you?
Faked Ms. Shalev: 2. T-h-e-I-s-r-a-e-l-i-s-w-e-r-e-t-h-e-r-e-b-e-f-o-r-e-!
FR: Goodness.
Faked Ms. Shalev: 3. T-h-e-P-L-O-w-a-s-n-o-t-a-r-e-a-c-t-i-o-n-o-n-t-h-e-o-c-c-u-p-a-t-i-o-n-!
FR: Are you in favor of a Palestinian state?
Faked Ms. Shalev: No. Sadly, this would be a terror state. Terror! Terror! You understand?
FR: al-Qaida and all this?
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes! Listen, I am very self-critical and will not excuse own mistakes.
FR: Yes.
Faked Ms. Shalev: We, I, my, our...
FR: Other people sympathize with the Palestinians, because Israel is over-potent.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Nonsense! Of course we have a strong military, because we have all this fear.
FR: It was just a thought.
Faked Ms. Shalev: I was prepared for the Davidagainstgoliathromanticism.
FR: This fear obviously also leads to Israeli violence.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Nonsense!
FR: Some Jews even say that there are no Palestinians at all.
Faked Ms. Shalev: This is all nonsense. Golda Meir had said that even 30 years ago.
FR: Mmh, I don't understand the argument.
Faked Ms. Shalev: The argument is that she was prime minister.
FR: Hm.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Maybe you cannot understand everything, because you don't suffer as much as I do.
FR: Then please explain to me.
Faked Ms. Shalev: OK listen: most of the Israelis really want peace with the Palestinians.
FR: I knew that I can count on you.
Faked Ms. Shalev: The problem is they are terrorists.
FR: Ah!
Faked Ms. Shalev: They have a c-o-r-r-u-p-t-l-e-a-d-e-r-s-h-i-p.
FR: Yes Ms.... ah
Faked Ms. Shalev: I-t-i-s-t-h-e-i-r-t-r-a-g-e-d-y-a-s-i-t-i-s-o-u-r-t-r-a-g-e-d-y.
FR: Please tell us about the past. How was it for you?
Faked Ms. Shalev: It was terrible! Traumatic and full of fear.
FR: So you don't know a life without terror.
Faked Ms. Shalev: No, I am completely bad off, that's what I'm tellin' you all the time.
FR: Now I begin to understand you better.
Faked Ms. Shalev: You see?
FR: Uff, now this really was a good deal of Jewish German understanding work.
Faked Ms. Shalev: And those nightmares. Fathers killing their daughters.
FR: The 1967 war, you were only a child.
Faked Ms. Shalev: It was a catastrophe.
FR: Let us rather talk about literature now.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Literature, yes, literature.
FR: In your first book grief and melancholy prevail.
Faked Ms. Shalev: As a matter of logic, yes.
FR: The pain-proven heroine at the end enters a...
Faked Ms. Shalev: She enters a library and reads a book.
FR: Yes.
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes. Always only terror, terror, terror, you understand?
FR: Is it an optimistic book?
Faked Ms. Shalev: No, I am much too afraid to be optimistic.
FR: But the book is called "Love Life".
Faked Ms. Shalev: Yes.
FR: Ms. Shalev, will your third novel be more political?
Faked Ms. Shalev: No. This gets all too much for me. It is because...
FR: ... the Palestinians, sigh. I know.

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