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Anis, 1 May 2002

Faked Anis: Hello faked victim.
Faked victim: Hello faked Anis.
Faked Anis: You know what?
Faked victim: What?
Faked Anis: I made a completely new experience.
Faked victim: And what experience is this?
Faked Anis: Freedom.
Faked victim Aha, interesting.
Faked Anis: It is feeling free.
Faked victim: And what exactly is this?
Faked Anis: It is to not be a victim anymore.
Faked victim: I knew you would do that to me. I always had the feeling.
Faked Anis: What do you mean?
Faked victim Well, you're leaving, ain't you?
Faked Anis: No, I am not leaving, I am arriving.
Faked victim: But they did you wrong.
Faked Anis: That's true.
Faked victim: So you're a victim.
Faked Anis: Nope.
Faked victim What do you mean, you suffered.
Faked Anis: Yes I did.
Faked victim: Because of them.
Faked Anis: Yes that's true.
Faked victim: So?
Faked Anis: I defeated them.
Faked victim: How?
Faked Anis: By being.
Faked victim These are excuses, you are trying to sneak out of this.
Faked Anis: Nope.
Faked victim: Well, what about what they did to me and my friends?
Faked Anis: They did it.
Faked victim: Yeah they did it, the bastards.
Faked Anis: Yeah.
Faked victim I will not take it. I will fight.
Faked Anis: Of course you will, you are proud.
Faked victim: I sure am. But what about you? You let them do it.
Faked Anis: No, I didn't.
Faked victim: So what did you do?
Faked Anis: I wrote it down.
Faked victim Oh, great!
Faked Anis: Yeah, I did it quite well.
Faked victim: This doesn't make their crimes undone.
Faked Anis: Nothing whatsoever makes anything undone.
Faked victim: But you can at least disclose the truth and pay back.
Faked Anis: That's right.
Faked victim So why don't you do it?
Faked Anis: I did.
Faked victim: But they are still the same. They laugh with their fat bellies.
Faked Anis: I can't see them. This has no reality for me.
Faked victim: Do you know what they did to me and my family?
Faked Anis: Yes you told me that. I also felt it, I know it, yes.
Faked victim You are on my side, aren't you?
Faked Anis: Yes I am. But on your side.
Faked victim What do you mean?
Faked Anis: I don't see you as a victim anymore.
Faked victim: But you must. I am a victim.
Faked Anis: I care for you, not for the victim, I care.
Faked victim: I want to accuse them.
Faked Anis: But you do not want to repeat yourself all the time, do you?
Faked victim Who taught you this rubbish?
Faked Anis: Richard. He told me today.
Faked victim You believe anything.
Faked Anis: It does not help to be a victim, he said. You depend on your enemy.
Faked victim: And justice?
Faked Anis: And freedom?
Faked victim: Can there be freedom without justice?
Faked Anis: There can be freedom outside justice.
Faked victim How?
Faked Anis: Every justice is connected to a situation.
Faked victim So?
Faked Anis: You may leave the situation without losing your pride.
Faked victim: Leave the situation?
Faked Anis: Yapp.
Faked victim: And the wounds?
Faked Anis: You can only get stronger when you are not a victim. I learnt that.
Faked victim I suffered so much.
Faked Anis: I know, I also did.
Faked victim And your enemies? Have you forgiven them?
Faked Anis: No way.
Faked victim: And the struggle?
Faked Anis: Rock'n'Roll, man!
Faked victim: Hmm.
Faked Anis: What is the one thing that the enemy fears most?
Faked victim That you defeat him.
Faked Anis: Nope.
Faked victim That he loses the face.
Faked Anis: Nope.
Faked victim: What is it then?
Faked Anis: That you don't need him.
Faked victim: Why?
Faked Anis: Because he would have to change. He has no more target.
Faked victim You're confusing me.
Faked Anis: He loses his identity, while you don't.
Faked victim Freedom without justice this is.
Faked Anis: You think so?
Faked victim: I don't know.
Faked Anis: Try it.

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