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Anis, 9 April 2002

Argument: Israel has a right to defend itself.
Counter-Argument: Israel has no right to violate the human rights.
Argument: The suicide killings also violate the human rights.
Counter-Argument: The suicide killings are not performed by a government.
Argument: They are, because Arafat could have stopped them.
Counter-Argument: How?
Argument: The Palestinians missed their chance under Barak.
Counter-Argument: Too bad!
Argument: As long as the Palestinians don't do this and that...
Counter-Argument: A-wop bop a-loo ba a-wop bam boom
Argument: The terrorists must be found and punished.
Counter-Argument: Yes.
Argument: HAMAS and AQSA are irrational and inhumane.
Counter-Argument: Well, they follow the same logic as Sharon...
Argument: There were innoscent Israelis killed.
Counter-Argument: There were innoscent Palestinians killed.
Argument: That's not the same. They want to destroy Israel.
Counter-Argument: You are speaking out of fear.
Argument: They cannot be trusted.
Counter-Argument: You don't trust yourself.
Argument: Before the peace the Palestinians must...
Counter-Argument: A-wop bop a-loo ba a-wop bam boom
Argument: Israel has a right to defend itself.
Counter-Argument: Everybody has, not only Israel.
Argument: That's not the same. The Jews are the chosen people.
Counter-Argument: What do you mean?
Argument: I mean that God has chosen them.
Counter-Argument: For what?
Argument: To be His chosen people.
Counter-Argument: Good choice...
Argument: You are being anti-Semitic!
Counter-Argument: What?
Argument: You ridiculed Judaism.
Counter-Argument: How long did it take the Americans to admit the Indian thing?
Argument: I didn't know they did.
Counter-Argument: The Israelis did the Palestinians wrong.
Argument: There were six million Jews killed by the Nazis!
Counter-Argument: Yes, the Holocaust was unbelievably terrible.
Argument: The Jews want to live without being dehumanized.
Counter-Argument: Herzl didn't think much about the inhabitants of Palestine.
Argument: The Jews were there before.
Counter-Argument: Excuses.
Argument: Like the city Meggido is one of the oldest cities in the world.
Counter-Argument: Propaganda.
Argument: The wailing wall and the temple... Jerusalem!
Counter-Argument: Do you think Nathan the Wise is a good book?
Argument: It's German, isn't it?
Counter-Argument: What about the settlements?
Argument: They have a tradition.
Counter-Argument: So has the war.
Argument: People feel at home there.
Counter-Argument: People should read UN resolutions.
Argument: The Israelis can do what they want in their country. Its theirs.
Counter-Argument: So is the UN.
Argument: You are being anti-Semitic.
Counter-Argument: The Jews and the other peoples have the same rights.
Argument: I don't like the way you say "Jews".
Counter-Argument: Sharon is known for decades to be idiotically violent.
Argument: Israel must control the Palestinians. They want to destroy it.
Counter-Argument: Fear.
Argument: The suicide killers are also idiotically violent.
Counter-Argument: So you think they are equal?
Argument: The Jews never want to be humiliated again.
Counter-Argument: So they pass on the violence they received?
Argument: You are being...
Counter-Argument: ...anti-Semitic, I know. Why don't you call it anti-Zionist?
Argument: That's just as bad. Anti-Zionists are against Israel.
Counter-Argument: Well, first, they are against Zionism.
Argument: That is the same. Israel is in constant danger.
Counter-Argument: Why is that so?
Argument: Because its enemies want to kill Israel.
Counter-Argument: Why are they Israel's enemies?
Argument: Because they do not accept Israel.
Counter-Argument: And why is that?
Argument: I have no idea.
Counter-Argument: Why does Israel not comply with the UN resolutions?
Argument: Because the time is not ripe yet.
Counter-Argument: The world politicians and media have a different view.
Argument: They don't know the situation of the Israelis.
Counter-Argument: And do the Israelis know the situation of the Palestinians?
Argument: It is their own fault.
Counter-Argument: Isn't it racist what this state does to the Palestinians?
Argument: I will not talk on this level.
Counter-Argument: Israel acts on this level.
Argument: You are anti-Semitic.
Counter-Argument: You already told me.
Argument: I'm sorry, I cannot talk to you.
Counter-Argument: Is there any remote possibility of guilt in Israel?
Argument: There couldn't be.
Counter-Argument: Why is that?
Argument: Because nobody suffered like the Jews.
Counter-Argument: You mean, I could not understand the Jews?
Argument: That's right.
Counter-Argument: And do you take it into account to be understood?
Argument: Israel must do all this to show its strength.
Counter-Argument: No more humiliation, right?
Argument: Back then we could not really fight for our rights.
Counter-Argument: And now you can.
Argument: Nobody can win over Israel, not even the black people.
Counter-Argument: You mean the Indians.
Argument: No, the Palestinians, of course.

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