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Liverpool Exhibition "Before their Diaspora" and other works
by Anis Hamadeh and by Sabine Yacoub, January 2008

- Metro Interview on "Before their Diaspora"
- Liverpool Blog
- "Before their Diaspora" Flyer (above) as PDF
- Art Club: "Before their Diaspora". Seven Palestine drawings
- Anis Hamadeh: Work Index (Pictures)
- Sabine Yacoub: Work Index (Pictures)

:: Flyer Text (View as PDF) ::

"Before their Diaspora" and other works by Anis Hamadeh and by Sabine Yacoub

Introduced and hosted by Felicity Wren. The Domino Gallery, Liverpool

Exhibition from January 5th until February 2nd, 2008. 11a Upper Newington, Liverpool, L1 2SR
Opening Times: Mon-Sat, 11 am - 5 pm

The “Before their Diaspora” collection was created especially for the Liverpool exhibition. The seven drawings trace back to historic photos from the book “Before their Diaspora. A Photographic History of the Palestinians 1876 - 1948” by the renowned Palestinian scholar Walid Khalidi (Institute for Palestine Studies, Washington D.C. 1984).

Samples of ca. 30 exhibits on this flyer. Anis uses Copic Ciao markers and DIN A3/A4 sizes, Sabine uses acrylic and more in different sizes. Available for purchase, some also as reproductions, please ask Felicity Wren in the Domino Gallery.

Anis Hamadeh (*1966), writer, musician, journalist, also draws: www.anis-online.de
Sabine Yacoub (*1974), biologist and painter: www.sabine-yacoub.de

Sabine and Anis share a flat in Mainz, Germany. Contact: info (@) anis-online.de
You can find this flyer and more infos at www.anis-online.de/office/events/liverpool2008.htm

:: List of 30 Exhibited Pieces ::

- "Via Dolorosa" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Sea of Galilee Fishermen" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Soap Factory in Nablus" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Mosque Courtyard" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Hills of Bethlehem" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Monastery" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Melons" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Codepink" (DIN A3), Anis
- "Lion and Lamb" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Stairs" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Four Colors Elvis" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Archer" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Tuareg" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Ship" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Elephant" (DIN A4), Anis
- "Der kleine Prinz (Collage)" (65 x 45 cm), acrylic and wood stain, Sabine
- "Tanz (Collage)" (30 x 40 cm), acrylic and wax on water colour paper, Sabine
- "Leben (Double Picture)" (15,2 x 21,4cm), acrylic on drawing paper on wood, Sabine
- "Drei mal Orange" (DIN A4), acrylic, Sabine
- "Grüne Spuren" (9,8 x 14,8 cm), finger paint on glass, Sabine
- "Kraft" (20 x 20 cm), acrylic on canvas, Sabine
- "Liebende" (42,5 x 27 cm), acrylic on wood, Sabine
- "Schmetterlinge" (12 pictures 18,1 x 12,6 cm) computered photos, Sabine
- "Frau" (21,2 x 50 cm), acrylic on wood, Sabine
- "In der Wüste" (57 x 19,5 cm), acrylic on wood, paper and sand, Sabine
- "Feuer (Sculpture)" (ca. 20 x 25 x 9 cm) wood, grease crayon on paper, Sabine
- "Sprachlosigkeit" (DIN A4), water colour and ink, Sabine
- "Schlangentorso" (ca. 29,7 x 38,7 cm), watercolour crayon on computer-manipulated photo, Sabine
- "Spurensuche 2" (DIN A5), acrylic and leave, Sabine
- "Zwei Personen" (ca. 17 x 60 cm), acrylic, wood stain and coal

:: More ::
See flyer PDF of event in View Two Gallery on invitation of "Arts for Palestine".

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