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The Free Gaza Art Festival
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:: April 26, 2009 :: On this page: Lee Porter: Needlework "Free Gaza", Camps Breakers breakdance, Farah Notash's poem "Dead line", Sam Kerson's collection "Gaza: Punishing the Innocent", Deir Yassin's song "Gaza town", Turkish cartoons by various artists, Karim's "Gaza Song"
:: Karim : Gaza Song ::

:: Deir Yassin : Gaza town :: For Download: gaza_town.wma
:: Lee Porter: Needlework Free Gaza ::
Piecing the Peaces is an embroidery project by Lee Porter. For more info:

© Lee Porter 2009

Dead line
Farah Notash
Vienna April 2009
Dedicated to all the progressives in occupied Palestine

Dear Nurit
Everlasting eternal name
Constantly written…all days and nights
In past one hundred years
With resilient red blood
From cut arteries and veins of millions
On the painful chest of … Palestine land
Recalls it history… all documented

Coming from…the darkest part of earth
Living in houses…
Built over…people's ruined houses
Built over… millions killed people
Built over… grave of children's wish
Is absolute acceptance…total approval
For the disgusting…shameful occupation and killings

Nothing disturbs your conscience?
Living…in an illegal land
In an illegal house
You feel at home?
No rejection …no reaction
Against all those injustice going on there

After all the killings
Bringing the projector over lateral problems
To help and give an ease…to dreadful Zionist
Misery maker for all…for expansion of self benefits
To help them… out of dishonored hateful position for killings
Help them to take
Big fault…occupation in to shade
You feel at ease
In this way
Splash water on fire

The peace you are supporter
Is accepting to be…lynched with smile
Is accepting to have sharp side of sword… bared on neck
Aren't these… further procedures
Of great conspiracy?
To forget…source of pains and the wounds
Real stabs…occupation
To smooth path…for further occupation?
No… it will not work

We need visa to enter lands
Also working and staying permit
Have you…them all?
Or you have been born in there?
On push and deceiving periods of Zionists
In different
Dead line is
27th December 2008
Living longer in occupied section… considered
As an approval stamp…a yes vote
To…illegal occupation…to killings

After…full freedom for killings…and physical omission
The funniest thing… is to be lectured for
Racism…in education
Though world saw it all
In number of votes for killers
At so called… recent election

Please respect laws and borders
Never enter without a permission …visa
To people's home…country or land
Attacks…wars and killings
Further more…occupations
Will never be admitted…accepted…believed as rights
So… please accept
All the human laws and human rights
Never go back…never enter Palestine
Without visa
Never accept to be…an occupier.

:: Farah Notash: Dead line ::

:: Camps Breakers ::

Camps Breakers is a breakdance crew born out of the refugee camps of the Gaza Strip, Palestine. We perform throughout Gaza on a regular basis at everything from private parties to national, cultural and celebratory events. You can visit us on
www.campsbreakerz.com and www.myspace.com/bboygaza33

© Camps Breakers 2009
:: Sam Kerson: Gaza: Punishing the Innocent ::
www.samkerson.com/graphicart/GAZA%202009/GAZA.html: These images are from the Hanukkah assault on Gaza, December 2008 to January 2009. The images focus on violations of the rules of war, as they are described in the Geneva accords. Along with much of the rest of the world, we watched the tragedy unfold on Internet.

© Sam Kerson 2009
:: Turkish Cartoons by Various Artists ::

© Sevket Yalaz 2009
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