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The Free Gaza Art Festival
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Amal Kaawash and her cartoon girl Meiroun as well as a traditional Palestinian song (audio), Jessica C. Solis with her poem "Ceasefire", Hervé Largeaud and his drawing "Benvinuti in Gaza", Hilda Meers' second poem "Cut it out, it Should be Banned", Maryn Joseph's song "Five Sisters" and Jereme Crow's painting "Children of Palestine". Samia Khader's "Thoughts About Gaza" were not originally meant as art, but they fit and are authentic so I include them here. Then Latuff's famous cartoon and Anis' first Free Gaza picture, showing the memorial for the USS Liberty with Huwaida laying roses.

The logo to the right was made by the University of California Gaza Solidarity Coalition (UCGSC) and they write: "We watched the world remain silent while Gaza was in flames. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA (UC) GAZA SOLIDARITY COALITION urges college students to stand up and speak out. Gaza needs our voices now."

© Amal Kaawash, http://www.meiroun.blogspot.com
:: Amal Kaawash: Meiroun ::
Amal Kaawash lives in London and her origins are in Meiroun in Northern Palestine. Meiroun is also the name of the girl with the two long braids on the cartoon blog
http://www.meiroun.blogspot.com. Below you can see her on the Palestine boat. Amal also sings. Here you can download "Halalayya", Palestinian Folklore (Piano and musical arrangement: Loai Abu Sinneh, Flute: Donia Hattab, Violin: Nancy Munir, Vocals: Amal Kaawash, Recorded at REMIX music workshop - Jesuite Theatre - Alexandria 2006, Cultural Resource - Egypt): http://www.anis-online.de/2/freegaza/artfestival/p/halalaya-remix-alexandria-AmalKaawash.wma (Save target as)

© Hervé Largeaud
:: Hervé Largeaud: Benvinuti in Gaza ::
Hervé has drawn an art contribution for a newspaper in Corsica (left). The text is in Corsican language and means: "Welcome to Gaza. Welcome to the new world order"

:: Maryn Joseph: Song "Five Sisters" ::
Here is a song commerating the deaths of five sisters in the attack on 30th December, written by the Welsh singer Maryn Joseph.

Description: 'Five Palestinian sisters were killed during an attack from Israel yesterday. Amazingly enough they were lying together asleep when the deadly rocket hit the mosque next door to their flimsy house causing the roof to collapse on them. The eldest was 17, the youngest 4. Their names were Tahir, Ikram, Sarnar, Dina and Jawaher. 'They grow up day after day and night after night, within a second I have lost them'. Those were the words of their father Anwar Balousha who turned on fellow Palestinians who tried to turn the burial into a political gain saying 'this is a funeral, not a rally'. He continued saying 'we are not those who are firing rockets at Israel, we are just people, human beings and not animals'.'

Jessica C. Solis

I've been living this plight to stop your fight
Against my people.


My child is no less than human.
My child is not worth less than yours.
Despite what you're told
My Child is my heart!

How do you stand to spill his blood on my hands
As is he were my shield?

I do not understand…

You destroy all the foundations in your path
With your corrosive "iron fist" and one objective;
But my valor shall never cease,
And my child will not be forgotten.
Hilda Meers

It's got polystyrene in it, to make it stick. If it lands on you it
ignites with the moisture of your skin, then sticks to your skin,
bubbling your skin it melts your skin, it burns through
muscle, burns through to the bone of you.

Well, insurgents don't count - they must just cut it out.
When white fire rained on Fallujah, night after night after night,
women and children caught in their sleep
were maimed and murdered by this stuff soldiers call Willy Pete,
their wounds too frightful for our media to show,
and it's too shocking to our sensitivities to tell
of the weeping at the burials of those innocents, who did not know
the artillery shells that burst in white rain
will stick to the flesh, burn through to the bone, and once it's breathed in,
white phosphorus will kill, as it burns you within one drop of this stuff
is enough - in Gaza they've used it again and again though the military claim
as a light in the night it's a legitimate weapon of war, that's what it's for.

Cut it out, lest its horror burn through to my brain,
hear the cries in the night, cut it out, ban it now, it's insane -
people burn - while we're blind to their pain and deaf to their crying,
it's you and it's me in our souls who are dying.
:: Jereme Crow: Children of Palestine ::

© Jereme Crow,
:: Samia Khader "Thoughts About Gaza" ::

Few days after the end of the war of the strongest army in the Middle East on Gaza's People, where lots and lots of innocent lives were claimed, and God knows how many lives have been changed for ever, I was watching many reports on schools and children in Gaza.

In a report, a child loses her parents, her 2 brothers and one sister. She goes back to her home after the war was over and was collecting "souvenirs" to remind her of her family. She is not older than 10 years, but she speaks like an adult, grown up. Asks; what did I do for them to deprive me from my father, or my mother and her tenderness? What did my baby brother do so they get to kill him. They say they are looking for fighters, I know for sure my parents had no weapons, and my brothers were too young to even think about it.

Another girl was saying "Our schools are blown apart, or books are not there anymore, we have no books, no schools, and the war got all the knowledge we have out of our heads!" Again, she is a child. Children in other places around the world make a fit if the spend a day away from one of many luxuries I wonder if Gaza children even know such luxury exists. I wonder, is luxury something children in Gaza know about...

Today was the first day at school after the war, TV reports showed tents in which students were taking their classes. Tents of course, were very ordinary tents, basic ones. This was an image that touched me; despite the fact that school- the building, classrooms and playgrounds did not exist, the school- aim and purpose was there to beat all kinds of destruction to the material structure of the school. Children- students were in their new"classrooms" taking instructions from their teachers.

People in Gaza, despite the massive offensive they have been under, despite all the destruction, following many months of an unfair and inhuman siege, are telling "bad people" behind all this "No matter how much destruction we have seen, no matter how many lives you have killed, hurt and disabled, no matter how long your siege will try to strangle us, we will survive. We have a cause, and a reason for living, and a will to live. Nothing you can do will take that from us. This is why you will never get rid of us. Stop trying!"

:: Latuff ::
Image by Latuff (click to enlarge)
:: Anis ::
© Anis 2008
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