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The Free Gaza Art Festival
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(Jan. 13, 2009) The attack on Gaza is still going on, more than 900 dead. I receive a lot of emails from people all around the world expressing their solidarity and shock. Many want to help, they cannot sit still while people are being executed. This is not a war between two armies, this is a superpower cowardly attacking children and a whole population. This is not about Hamas. Before Hamas it was the PLO and after Hamas it will be the next party. There is just no ending without massive international interventions. And I don't mean violence, because it just does not work!

Pain and the strong wish to change things bring about art, so it is no wonder that submissions to this Art Festival and clicks are many. 2.770 people have seen this page since New Year's Eve and there were 888 downloads of the FREE GAZA SONG in the same time.

On this page: Two drawings by Golrokh Nafisi; Pal Stein's song "Our Home"; Greer Valley's work "Where is Humanity?"; an Arabic cartoon "Ship of Hope" by Umayya Juha; a painting by Mako Moya called "kid from war"; Julie R. Butler's video about Free Gaza; a poster based on a drawing made by a Belgian artist and member of the new Belgian committee for supporting the Free Gaza Movement (I don't have the name); the poem "US-Israeli New Year’s Devolution, Common Era 2009" by Paays Grace; a poster by young Palestinian artist Rami Abbas.

On the right: :: Pal Stein: Song "Our Home" ::

:: Golrokh Nafisi: Gaza ::

© Golrokh Nafisi, http://golrokhn.blogspot.com/
:: Golrokh Nafisi: Gaza 2 ::

© Golrokh Nafisi, http://golrokhn.blogspot.com/
:: Greer Valley ::

© Greer Valley
:: Umayya Juha ::

Image by Umayya Juha

:: Julie's Video ::

Here is a video by Julie R. Butler from Colorado from the blog "we fear what we don't understand". Julie writes: "December 10, 2008 will mark the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and what better way to celebrate than to congratulate the latest voyage of the SS Dignity in her breaking of the Siege of Gaza by Israel, bringing badly needed medical supplies, human rights activists, journalists who have been blocked from entering Gaza, and experts in education who have chosen to risk their lives in order to highlight the human rights abuses that are occurring in Gaza because of this siege. This is an outrage! The cycle of violence must be broken, and peace can only begin when all human rights are respected - when we recognize that we are all one human family. To learn more, go to freegaza.org. See also: http://julierbutler.blogspot.com/2008/09/letter-from-gaza-friends.html
:: mako moya: kid from war ::

© mako moya, http://www.makomoya.blogspot.com
:: Belgian committee for supporting the Free Gaza Movement ::

© Belgian committee for supporting the Free Gaza Movement
US-Israeli New Year's Devolution, Common Era 2009
Paays Grace

It's fogging up our US of A, the most popular of nations
This Israeli-Zionist muscle-thruster Holocausturbation:
Hitler's dead, the last I heard; he can't hurt them anymore,
So why, against Palestinians, would they try to even the score?
They like our cowboys of the West, our destiny manifest,
Its land, virgin land under skies so blue,
The Zionists want their Indians red, and, o yes, dead too,
Or, jealous, they want to Terrorize and dispossess
The natives of lands each man could pound his chest
As master of, king of his castle and grounds so impressive,
Gleaming with razorwire and sniper fire
these hilltop bunker mounds let settlers spy and measure the lie
of the lands they plan to seize. Our taxes make it a breeze.
Employing their zest with the very best of U.S. war machines.
Though soaked in blood, our press agrees, and doth attest, their hands are clean.
Unfriendly "Eretz Israel" Jews who hate to share or ever lose control of mediations
Claim God's one demand is they purge the Holy Land of Palestinians, Its native nation.
They blame their victims, Arab Muslims and Christians, defying their every revelation,
Destroy their hope of a state with bloodthirsty hi-tech hate-trained crews
of massive deadly force, this best-subsidized of our empire's vain allies only use
clever lies to dictate the course of US policy and news.
Drunk on the narcotic of F-16s, apache gunships, submarines and tanks,
mere children or teens make up most of the ranks
Of these rifle-butt-in-civilian-gut killers, who don't bother asking why
they're told to kill or die, in lands they'd rather not occupy.
While in DC and Tel Aviv all smiling free, their fathers, arms dealers, give thanks
for this apocalyptic profit-cryptic syncopation
of a mere hundred-year self-masking technotasking operation counting the days
Of this gradual-phased ethnic cleansing. But survivors of branding by Hitler and Stalin
And Palestinians behind walls labeled fencing clearly comprehend the calling
Of Holocausturbators tossing Gaza's incubators into Zion's slavering jaws
Slick as silver striking fast and hard, claim they're wielding Moses' laws, holding
The Holocaust card, through them Judaic justice has thus its heart unmanned.
Beware to them all: the consequence of outrage never comes as planned.
Bethlehem's children call from their cages. Do Americans care to understand?
From the Warsaw to the Gaza ghetto, a nationalist purity bridge has spanned:
One side defined all Jews as scum, the other turned Palestine into a slum.
Heads or tails, in either case a loss of face, the spinning coin can't fail to land.
:: Rami Abbas: For Palestine ::

© Rami Abbas
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