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The Free Gaza Art Festival
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:: First Contributions ::

(Jan. 10, 2009) Thank you for your emails. There are many artists around who care for Gaza and Palestine. Below you can see some first contributions. The original idea was to collect items that are directly related to the Free Gaza Movement in one way or another. Most of what I received since New Year's Eve is thematically broader.

On this page you find: Farah Notash: Gaza songs in three languages; Maya Terro: drawing and poem "A tribute to Gaza"; Antoaneta Hillman: painting "Surrounding Gaza" and poem "Letter to a friend"; Annette Seiz: collage "Love Boat"; Nahida Yasin's poem "Beloved people of Gaza" was sent in by Anne; Joel Kopcial: painting "A Light for Palestine". Ziada Raya's poem "Yesterday I died!" went over the Free Gaza Media List and I picked it up there. Juan Carlos sent in a cartoon.

:: Farah Notash : Gaza songs in three languages ::

All songs and many poems are on Farah Notash's website www.farah-notash.com, see the video on the right.
Yesterday I died!
Raya Ziada, Ramallah

As an old man buried in his tomb,
A fetus dead in her mother's womb
Last night I had my last drop of coffee
My last dream, my last piece of bread

Tomorrow morning I will witness my last dawn
Listen to my daughter's last heart beat
Say I love you for the first, the very last time

Last year I loved; I hated, laughed, and cried
I whispered, I screamed
I was a genius I was an insane
I was an inhabitant, I was a refugee
60 years ago I saw Haifa for the last time
Lived under occupation for the first time

I was young, I was spoiled
I loved my grand mother's stories
I cherished the summers, I hated the rain

Few hours ago I was cold
I was hungry, I was mad, I was angry
I was dead

65 years ago,
I was a fisherman
I had beautiful wife
Three young girls an amazing life

One got married in Jerusalem
The other moved with her husband to Al-Fallujah
The third couldn't resist the beauty of Tal

Last month my grand daughter
Didn't get a permission to pass
A green ID is what she has
She wanted to visit my grave
They told me we look alike
I would have witnessed that, if I weren't killed in
that air strike

At 4pm I couldn't believe what happened to me
I became famous on all international TVs
Few minutes ago I was invisible no one knew about me
No one heard my screams, felt my fears
No one held my freezing shaking small hand
No one told me it will be ok
Soon it will be ok
No one saw me, no one felt me
I was invisible, no one knew about me!

Few minutes later I'm on TV
Everyone talks about me
Even the CNN mentioned me!!
I was dead there under the ruble
I bet you still remember
Me with my three other sisters
Maybe now you're hanging our pictures

I even saw my father on TV
It's the first time I see him crying
Daddy please don't cry…Daddy please don't cry
I promise next time I will not die!
Yesterday I died!

As an old man buried in his tomb,
As fetus dead in her mother's womb
Yesterday I died 360 times!
:: Maya Terro: A tribute to Gaza ::

© Maya Terro
:: Annette Seiz: Love Boat ::

© Annette Seiz
A tribute to Gaza...
by Maya Terro

Let them know that...
Despite that im brutally cuffed...i am still free
Despite that im constantly hushed...i can still be

Despite that im living in the abyss of despair
Deprived of food and water and air
I refuse to just stop and stare
Like i just don't care

Despite that im living a big lie
I refuse to fall or falter or cry
Instead, i will keep my head held high
For I am still alive
Though im dying from the inside

For life is for the living
And the giving and the fight
I have been told that i'm a Gazan girl
And gazan girls were born to strive
Like every other Gazan still alive...
Letter to a friend
by Antoaneta Hillman

Can you forget
when you take
your kids for a walk?

When the evening
put's moon on the sky
and the house is safety and warm?

When the silence
surround's the night
and you kiss your children
and smile...

Can you forget
I believe

Beloved people of Gaza
Nahida Yasin

Beloved people of Gaza
Treasured people of Palestine
Teachers of courage and dignity
Archetype of humanity

Allow me to kneel down
And wash your feet with my tears
Kiss your blessed hands
And sprinkle your beautiful faces with musk and roses

While we sat pondering like fools
Utterly helpless
Talking much and doing less
Going round and round in circles
Thinking how to help
What to offer you to relief some of your pain

As usual
Full of surprises, you come out to our rescue, to soothe our agony
You present us with the most precious gifts
Lessons in bravery
Steadfastness, patience, perseverance, defiance, resilience
Optimism against all odds
Creativity in the face of utter oblivion

You've demonstrated that you are the free ones … we are the captives
You chose resistance over subjugation
You decided not to be enslaved
Not even to superpowers

Would we ever learn from you?
:: Antoaneta Hillman : Surrounding Gaza-18x24-smoke,wax and oil on canvas ::

© Antoaneta Hillman, www.saatchiart.com/antoaneta
:: A Light for Palestine by Joel Kopcial ::

© Joel Kopcial
:: Juan Carlos ::

© Juan Carlos, http://juanka100.deviantart.com
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