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"The warm light still there"

My beloved city; your streets are filled with memories, with silence, with evidence of humans who cannot reach you anymore. Jerusalem I have never seen you this dark, empty and sad before I had to go back to your streets, to record the memories that are engraved in my head since I was a child, those memories are merged with other people's past, your walls are connected to history, to feelings, to who your owners are. In you where I found my body, in you where I found my soul, putting the two together I found myself just a human being who deserves to live in you free.

I have always been scared of empty places, my stems from the feeling that people who once inhabited a certain place and left would not be allowed to go back to it, but the warmth of your light is giving me a hope that the good days will come back.
(Rula Halawani)

© 2003 Rula Halawani
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