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(English:) Dr. Ludwig Watzal is a German politologist and author of books. See his website www.watzal.com. In this room you find some reviews of his.
(Deutsch:) Dr. Ludwig Watzal ist Politologe und Buchautor. Siehe seine Website www.watzal.com. In diesem Room finden Sie einige seiner Rezensionen.

- Review of: Ghada Karmi, Married To Another Man. Israel´s Dilemma in Palestine (03.11.2007)
- Rezension: John J. Mearsheimer/Stephen M. Walt, Die Israel Lobby. (09/2007)
- Review of: Yakov M. Rabkin, A Threat From Within. A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism. (01.06.2007)
- Review of: Khaled Hroub, Hamas. A Beginner´s Guide (10.12.2006)
- Review of: Arthur Neslen, Occupied Minds (17.09.2006)
- Review of: Jonathan Cook, Blood and Religion (16.09.2006)