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Edna's Room exists since July 2002. On this page there are the following texts of hers at present:
- Good Morning Palestine (Essay)
- The Massacre (Essay)
- Joan's Meanderings (Poem)
- New Year's Resolutions
- On the First Day of Christmas
(01.01.07, Deutsch:) Edna Yaghi ist eine Amerikanerin, die jetzt in Los Angeles lebt. Wir trafen uns im Internet. Sie ist journalistisch und literarisch aktiv und engagiert im Aufbau Palästinas.

(Jan 1, 2007, English:) Edna Yaghi is an American who is presently living in Los Angeles. We met in the internet. Edna is an online journalist and poet and engaged in the creation of Palestine. She wrote in the web for example for mediamonitors, redress hejleh, middleeastwire, palestinechronicle
Edna Yaghi's Web Bibliography
Articles and Essays:
"Those who hang dictators." Reflections on US crimes in Iraq 29 Dec. 06
New Year's Resolutions 1 Jan. 03
Let there be Peace 25.12.02
On the First Day of Christmas 02.12.02
The Emperor's new Clothing 30.11.02
Our Thanksgiving 30.11.02
Good Will Towards Who? 27.11.02
Happy Eid Palestine 22.02.02
Attack on America, Who's to Blame? 12.02.02
Should the United States attack Iraq? 10.02.02
Breakfast at Tiffany's, lunch with Mr Hyde 09.02.02
Waiting for Godot 27.01.02
Living and Dying by the Sword 26.01.02
Arafat is Still a Leader, Regardless 23.01.02
Return to Walden 10.01.02
The Godfathers Three and their New Year's resolutions 02.01.02
Christmas-Peace on Earth? 26.12.01
Eid Al Fitr 17.12.01
You Can Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear 10.12.01
Arafat Receives List of Activists 06.12.01
Ramadan 2001 Between a rock and a hard place 29.11.01
The Monster America Created 27.10.01
Santa Claus and the OIC 23.10.01
Sharon, Master Terrorist 23.10.01
The World Against A Single Country 12.10.01
Divided we have fallen 01.10.01
Intifada Al Aqsa - One Year Later 29.09.01
To my fellow Americans 29.09.01
The attacks on the United States 28.09.01
Divided We Have Fallen 28.09.01
Attack on America, Who’s to Blame? 19.09.01 Jordanian Perspective about Attacks on America 12.09.01
The Killing Fields of Palestine 01.09.01
You Have Made Me Your Human Bomb 27.08.01
Death in the Heart of Jerusalem 17.08.01
Hisham Yanis Interview 09.08.01
Suffer the Little Children 31.07.01
Police Brutality - An Abuse of Authority 23.07.01
Islamophobia 09.07.01
4 July - a celebration of freedom 04.07.01
The Long Road Home 29.06.01
An Open Letter to My Governor Pataki 20.06.01
Cal Thomas and His Coalition of Terror 17.06.01
All in a day's work 16.06.01
The Lone Ranger Rides Again 11.06.01
How to Stop Suicide Bombing 06.06.01
What is a Palestinian 31.05.01
Thanks to the Likes of Friedman, It Does Only Get Worse 26.05.01
What are little girls made of? 22.05.01
To eject synthetic Arafat or not: that is the question (21.05.01)
You cannot fool all the people all the time 13.05.01
Surreal-A Penny for Your Thoughts; Real-a Piaster for Your Life 04.05.01
Solomon’s Baby 01.05.01
There is more than one way to fight a war ... and win! 28.04.01
The making of a suicide bomber 27.04.01
Good Morning Palestine 19.04.01
The Olive Tree 15.04.01
An Open Letter to My Indignant US Congressmen 15.04.01
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and his preaching 13.04.01
Wrong Way, Wang Wei: Bush’s Letter of Regret.. 12.04.01
This World Was Never Meant for One as Beautiful as You 10.04.01
The Massacre at Deir Yassin and Hind 08.04.01
Bush: Even More Stupid Than He Looks 04.04.01
Outcome of Arab Summit Expected Scenario Come True 31.03.01
Edward’s Stone, a Symbol of Freedom 30.03.01
Outcome of Arab summit 29.03.01
Expected scenario at Arab summit 26.03.01
Were I An Historical Icon 24.03.01
New Unabridged Israeli Dictionary 21.03.02
Women's rights 21.03.01
Honour killings 20.03.01
My birthday wish (08.03.01)
Palestinian Child’s Bill of Rights 05.03.01
A time to laugh, a time to cry (05.03.01)
Scarred for life 05.03.01
Time to stop the slaughter of Iraqis 25.02.01
Israelis - tell your children 20.02.01
Valentine's Day 15.02.01
Democracy in the Middle East 10.02.01
I Could Not Live Without My Phone, But He Doesn’t.. 07.02.01
Unfinished War 04.02.01
Farewell Clinton 01.02.01
The Right of Return 10.02.01
The Sons & Daughters of Liberty 21.01.01
Reply to Bruce Hudspeth 16.01.01
Open Letter to George W. Bush 13.01.01
Deus Le Volt 12.01.01
Mene, Tekel Ufarsin 06.01.01
How Many Palestinians Have You Hung? 03.01.01
Intifada Al-Aqsa 01.01.01
From Ramadan to Christmas 23.12.00
Palestinian Holocaust 20.12.00
An Appeal to All Arab and Muslim Leaders 14.12.00

The Holocaust Owns Me 22.05.02
Wave of Sorrow 10.01.02
Redemption 07.01.02
Evading the Angel of Death 21.12.01
Terror at Night 01.12.01
I wish to be free 30.11.01
Able the Street Boy 03.03.01
Deadly Intent 27.02.01
My humanity on hold 16.02.01
The warrior poet 16.02.01
Nobody's Child 25.01.01
Our Violent Society 20.01.01
An Open Letter to an Israeli Settler 11.01.01
History Is Made By Those Who Hang Heroes 10.01.01
Silence of the Lamb 08.01.01
Redemption 07.01.02
Crossfire 15.12.00

Joan's Meanderings
Color Me Palestine 30.04.01
Palestinian am I 30.01.01
Farewell and Roses 10.01.01
The Beauty of Your World 17.12.00
Warrior Poet 15.12.00

Fairytales and Stories:
Paradise Lost 12.05.01
Uncle Sodom and Uncle Gomorrah 01.04.01
The two faces of Mensch 16.02.01
Ben and The Land of Pandemonium 17.01.01
Invasion of The Cyclops 15.01.01
When Barboos went to Hadj 29.12.00
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