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Clay Edwards

Introduction by Anis: "Clay is a networking colleague and peace advocate from the USA. I met him on the internet and published one of his essays in 2002, see below. I am happy and honored to host his room in my online house and to document some of his news. (April 2006)

Einleitung von Anis: "Clay ist ein Networker-Kollege und Verfechter des Friedens aus den USA. Ich traf ihn im Internet und veröffentlichte 2002 einen seiner Essays, siehe unten. Ich bin froh, seinen Room in meinem Online-Haus zu betreuen und einige seiner Neuigkeiten zu dokumentieren, und es ist mir eine Ehre. (April 2006)

- Comparison of post-regime change and pre-regime change killing behavior in Iraq. A Response to Andrew Greeley's article: "Who grieves for dead Iraqis?" (July 30, 2006)
- Letter about Nonkilling from February 26, 2006
- Essay (2005): WHAT IS NONKILLING
- Guest essay (2002): Clay Edwards: "The War for the Extinction of Saddam Hussein; Confronting Evil and the Doctrine of Lethality in Politics"
Summary: Opponents of lethal warfare against the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq should be prepared to embrace a paradigm shift that opposes all human killing by pushing a rational transition to non-lethal philosophy, methodology, and technology for the purpose of settling political disputes... // Zusammenfassung: Gegner der lethalen Kriegsführung gegen Saddam Husseins Regime im Irak sollten sich darauf vorbereiten, einen Paradigmenwechsel anzunehmen, der sich durch die Förderung einer vernünftigen Überführung zu einer nicht-lethalen Philosophie, Methodologie und Technologie gegen jede menschliche Tötung stellt, mit dem Ziel, politische Konflikte zu lösen...

Clayton Edwards
About Clay Edwards

Clayton Edwards originally is from Encanto in southern San Diego County. He moved around a lot as a kid because his mother was an entertainer. He spent the early years of his life in San Diego, the Los Angeles area, San Francisco, and for a while at his grandparent's lodge next to Yosemite National Park in Northern California where they had a gas station, a motel, and a restaurant. He went to many different schools including two military academies, Mount Lowe Military Academy in Altadena, California and Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad, California from where he graduated with a high school diploma in 1971.

He attended University of Hawaii where he majored in Political Science and Communication. He took a course in Political Leadership from Dr. Glenn Paige (See Glenn Paige's Room). In his class he wrote a paper on Turkish political leadership (Kemal Ataturk). He wrote other papers dealing with such topics as the Maoist conception of law in China.

During his studies at University of Hawaii, he began extensive traveling in Asia in the summer of 1973 attending seminars on mass media and economic development at Mara Institute of Technology and Universiti Sains Malaysia in Malaysia and Chiang Mai University in northern Thailand. He became interested in opium crop substitution projects of the United Nations and the King of Thailand, visiting agricultural experimentation stations in the mountains and presented a paper on the subject at an American Universities Field Staff seminar in Singapore. He also studied Thai, Southeast Asian history and religion at Chiang Mai University and Srinakarinwirot University in Southern Thailand and Chinese history at Soochow University under the auspices of Saint Olaf College in Minnesota and the University of Hawaii. He traveled in Laos during the changeover to a communist regime in 1975.
After returning to live in Hawaii, he operated a retail store and restaurant in Honolulu and graduated from the University of Hawaii in 1976. He was married to Kayoko Ozutsumi from Ibaraki, Japan in 1977. She currently runs two Kumon reading and math schools in San Diego. He received a Masters degree in Education in 1979 from what is now Alliant International University in San Diego and a certificate as a lawyer's assistant from University of San Diego in 1980.

From 1980 to 1983 he worked in San Francisco in refugee resettlement nongovernmental agencies including Catholic Social Services as a job developer and for a Lao refugee organization (Lao Lane Xang Association) as a grantwriter and English teacher.

After returning to San Diego, Clay Edwards attended law school at Western State University College of Law and worked as a paralegal researcher, writer and investigator in criminal law including homicides and drug trafficking felonies, family law, immigration law, antitrust law, distressed real estate, insurance, contract, and personal injury tort law. He received a certificate in Geographic Information Systems from San Diego State University and performed computerized business mapping and regional market analysis for Jack in the Box, Inc., one of the largest US retail fast food restaurant chains. He also worked in special needs education for severely physically and mentally challenged students in the San Diego Unified School District. In 2004 he began teaching English including advanced writing to children and to adult professionals including engineers and doctors in Nantou County, Taiwan.

In 2001 he became acquainted with Glenn Paige's work at the Center for Global Nonviolence in Honolulu, Hawaii. He wrote a letter to him Christmas of 2002 about the impending Iraq regime change war published by Anis Hamadeh. He argued for a transformation of anti-war movements into nonkilling movements as the means to enhance their effectiveness in peace making and peace keeping and to prevent their marginalization into narrow interest political movements that can be ignored or otherwise discounted. Clay Edwards is engaged to be married to Khammany Bouasone, a children's book translator and writer in Vientiane, Lao Peoples Democratic Republic.
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