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Alaa Badarneh wins Tom Hurndall Prize for photo journalism
Qattan Journalism Prize

October 2005

Alaa Badarneh receiving Prize

Address by Jocelyn Hurndall: Dear Alaidin, On behalf of Tom I send you many congratulations on winning the Tom Hurndall Prize for photojournalism. The depth of your inspiring photos cannot fail to make a difference. In the fleeting moments of these two photographs you have captured key causes of the deepest of suffering and we are compelled to ask the question, WHY? I believe I can see just why the judges have been moved by your exceptionally powerful photographs and awarded you this prize.

Your sharp observations convey a powerful message enabling the world to see and feel the inhumanity of the Occupation SO THAT IT CAN CHANGE. Your photographs highlight the daily devastation wreaked on generations of children and their families, the pain of separation and loss, the devastation that permeates through every strand, every fibre of their being and that prevents ordinary, good people from living normal lives. No one can fail to empathise with the feelings behind the young boy seeing his father again after a period of internment. His overwhelming joy draws you in, enabling all of us to reflect on the desperation he must have felt at the separation and the 'reasons' for it. Itís a common story that will have been experienced by so many others. No one can escape feeling the passion of the woman trying to reason with the impassive soldier. Her humanity comes face to face with inhumanity and bravely challenges it. The way you have captured the _expression of her hands says it all and you make us feel right there with her. She compels us to question.

Tom's sentiments were very much that people should not suffer on their own. He sought to expose injustice and cruelty and challenge the complacency of the human condition and to use photojournalism to do this. He would be among the first to respect your achievement. By capturing these tragedies your photography will help to move hearts and heads so that those who suffer will not be so much on their own. If each of us is on this planet to give whatever talent that we possess in order to make waves then this is your special talent. Your photographs will make a difference. Well done.

With warmest wishes,
Jocelyn Hurndall