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Summary of German daily and weekly press in English on Middle East topics

  MEIS-Report Sample      Deutsche Version
Note in 2012: The Middle East Information Service (MEIS) will come into being when there will be a demand. My offer for this and related jobs is still valid. Contact me at anis at anis-online.de. (Anis Hamadeh)

- MEIS Reports -

The Middle East Information Service (MEIS) is a subscription service of weekly bulletins summarizing the Middle East coverage in the German press. Also included is one Swiss newspaper. The MEIS report compares what the major German newspapers headline, report and comment on Arab and Muslim affairs. Basis of the reports is the translation of relevant headlines and some quotes from commentaries as well as a certain amount of abstracts. Individual articles are presented within the full context of newspaper coverage, rather than chosen and analyzed. It is not meant to be an original news source itself. The MEIS reports are meant to supply Arab embassies, media, and companies with an overview of the public discourse in Germany concerning their home topics. See the sample report from 8-14 Dec, 2003. All articles and topics are archived and can be compiled, summarized or translated on demand. Also possible is a focus on specific aspects. The MEIS reports will be delivered weekly via mail and/or print. Principally, even a daily service can be made possible. After eight weeks they will get online-archived.

In the sample week from 8-14 Dec, 2003 only five of these papers could be analyzed and translated. The service can start as soon as there is a demand and interest of sufficient participants to subcribe to it regularly. The more subscribers, the more convenient the service for which ca. 100 weekly working hours are estimated. Contact: anis at anis-online.de

- The Psychology of the News -

What do Germans read about Iraq, what about Palestine and other countries? Which paper writes "locking device" and which writes "wall"? What are the current debates about Islam and Islamism, and is there any prejudice? What is highlighted in the commentaries and what is the direction? The best is when you judge for yourself. The MEIS reports gives you the basic facts of what is top in Germany and what is not.

The material provided is quotable and can be used for argumentation. It covers both the realm of politics and of media. Case studies can be elaborated from the archive at any time. The people who create the MEIS reports will become experts on German media concerning Middle East and Islamic affairs. At least one of them also speaks Arabic.

- German Newspapers -

The newspapers considered in the MEIS reports are the following nine daily and three weekly newspapers: FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, conservative, about 400.000 sold copies daily), SZ (Sueddeutsche Zeitung, left-liberal, ca. 430.000), FR (Frankfurter Rundschau, liberal, ca. 185.000), DIE WELT (conservative, ca. 200.000), taz (die tageszeitung, left, ca. 70.000), BILD (yellow press, ca. 4 million sold daily copies), ND (Neues Deutschland, socialist former GDR, ca. 55.000), jW (junge Welt, former GDR youth paper, left), SPIEGEL (weekly, liberal, ca. 1 million), DIE ZEIT (weekly, liberal, ca. 450.000 ), FREITAG (weekly, former GDR, left), NZZ (Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Switzerland, ca. 170.000)

The Middle East Information Service is offered by Anis Hamadeh in Mainz/Germany. Mother tongue German, second language English, third Arabic. Webmaster of www.anis-online.de. Songwriter, poet and peaceworker. M.A. in Islamic Studies and English (Hamburg).