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Datenbank zum Diskurs Palästina/Israel/Deutschland/Arabische Welt/Islam. Seit 2001 - Database on the discourse Palestine/Israel/Germany/Arab World/Islam. Since 2001
Briefe 2003 (12)
The Book "Zionist Propaganda in American Fiction" (2003, original Arabic) by Adib S. Kawar

"Zionist Propaganda in American Fiction" by Adib S. Kawar has 451 pages and is published by "Baheth for Research" and issued in Arabic. An English version is ready for publishing. The original can ben ordered (10 USD): Contact Baheth fo Research, majalla@bahethcenter.org , fax: 00961 1 270135 -- Tel. 01 551882 & 03 621218 and through the author: Adib S. Kawar, Email h_kawar@terra.net.lb (Beirut - Lebanon)

Contents of this page:
Prologue in English translation
Epilogue in English translation
Table of Contents

Prologue of "Zionist Propaganda in American Fiction" (2003) by Adib S. Kawar

During one of my many flights abroad, I found myself sitting next to an American businessman. We started chatting, and soon it turned to the Palestinian question. As I explained to him the Palestinian Arab point of view, and the right of the Palestinians in their land and their right to return to it under international law, my neighbor interrupted me, and the following dialogue was ensued:
Do you know what people back home would call you if they heard you talking like this?
Certainly I know.
They shall call me anti-Semitic, right?
Right, but how do you know that?
Never mind how I know, but it sure would make me laugh.
For the simple fact that I am an Arab, thus a Semite. Is it a good enough reason? And as well known, Arabs are the largest Semitic group throughout history in culture and continuity. There are Christian Arabs and Jewish Arabs who both preceded Moslem Arabs. We have no grudge against the Jews as a religious group, but of course we do not accept Zionists whether they are Jewish Zionists or Christian Zionists: The first because they are misled, and they as a religious group who consider themselves an independent race or a people; so they claim our land, as their promised land; the second group of Zionists, because they are either racists, and thus they want to have a "pure race" in their respective countries. They planed to create for the Jews a Jewish state; they tried several places around the world, to establish a state for their Jewish compatriots to get rid of them. To achieve this they tried in Africa, Asia, and the Americas, but they only succeeded with Palestine, which the Zionist Jews did not insist upon, thus the fallacy of the Promised Land did not mean any thing to them. The second group, Christian Zionists, believe in the Old Testament fallacies namely "the chosen people of G-d" and "the promised land", because they were brainwashed.

He looked lost, and fell in a deep and confused silence.

For this reason, and after reading during my trips abroad many American and other Western novels, I was no longer shocked of biased Zionist propaganda in some of these novels.

We believe that serious critiques, and those who have studied the history of Palestine shall certainly find out that the propaganda contained in such novels, is not based on facts and documentation. It is biased and relies on the twisting of facts and creates a disparaging image about Arabs at large and Palestinians in particular. Such propaganda has no aim but to defame and mock Arabs. We are aware of the aims behind it, but for the Western ordinary and uninformed reader, such propaganda may be accepted as established facts and axiomatic, because he does not know better. As for those who are committed to the Zionist point of view, that is another matter.

For this reason I find it necessary, and an obligation to put down this study in the English language for the benefit of those who read such type of fiction, and unfortunately were not exposed to facts, and the historical foundations of the Arab rights in Palestine.

We have reviewed in this elaborate study a choice out of an enumerable number of Western pieces of fiction containing Zionist biased propaganda, defied the twisting of facts they contain with documented historical facts.

Zionist influence penetrates almost all sides of American life, and as is the case with politics and the economy at all levels, it is also strongly felt in the media.

In American politics, full liaison and alliance with Israel, the Zionist state, is no secret, and stories of the Zionist/American and official Israeli lobbying are well known.

Zionist Jewish/American groups control a considerable, and out of proportion, part of the American financial establishment, which in turn enjoy a strong influence on the American political life, media, the entertainment industry, the press, and publishing houses.

Zionist influence is visible, clear, and strongly felt in the movie industry, television, radio, the press and books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Publishing houses may influence the subject matter of the novel, which is an excellent type of media to carry a political message or propaganda to the reader.

For tens of millions of Americans and other Westerners, novel reading is their favorite type of entertainment and pastime. They rarely show any interest in international politics, and hardly read international politics stories in newspapers, magazines, or even watch the international T.V. news broadcasts. Such readers intimately relax with their novels; so any propaganda can easily be carried to them and accepted as facts without questioning.

The contents of a piece of fiction are rarely debated, as a reader seeking entertainment and relaxation, has enough pressure during his work hours to care for a political message, specially of an international nature, on which the media have concentrated on.

American novels could be classified into two major categories:

1- Novels with an overwhelming political theme, which may include propaganda for one cause or another.

2- Fiction with social, business and/or romantic topics.

A good percentage of this category of American fiction, surprises the reader seeking entertainment, with Zionist propaganda squeezed in here and there in the story, where most of the time it seems out of place in a love scene, social chatting, or during a business deal.

In the first category a good number of novels are fully dedicated to Zionist propaganda such as the following:

THE SOURCE : By James Michener
EXODUS : By Leon Uris
THE HAJ : By Leon Uris
THE PIRATE : By Harold Robins
BLACK SUNDAY : By Thomas Harris
TRIPLE : By Ken Follett
BALLS : By Richard Rohmer

Novels containing such a flagrant violation of truth are dedicated to promote Zionist propaganda that is obviously anti-Arab.

In general the reader of such type of fiction usually is not the person looking for pastime entertainment, but should fall in one of the following categories of readers.

1st A researcher studying Zionist propaganda in this type of so-called literature.

2nd A reader convinced with Zionist ideas, or is himself a dedicated Zionist.

3rd A reader who has nothing on hand to pass his time with, and by accident gets hold of one of such novels. Whether he/she can stand nerve torturing to finish reading it is another story.

The ordinary American novel reader seeking entertainment in his leisure time, is usually not informed about Zionist aims and plans, and the background of the history of the Palestinian question and Palestine. American and European citizens are permanently exposed to all sorts of biased Zionist propaganda in the press and audio-visual media… cinema, television, and radio. Those citizens could easily be influenced by this propaganda especially in the absence or weakness of a counter-Arab approach towards the Western world's public opinion. This is while Western fiction and in particular the American novel, is in many cases, heavily loaded with Zionist propaganda, which unfortunately become acceptable by some of the biggest publishing houses, and thus placed in the most prominent places on the racks of most book stores.

American Zionist and official Israeli groups in the United States are well organized, and heavily backed with money from Zionist groups and individuals, which had been the case for decades. On the other hand Arab American groups and their sympathizers only recently became organized and active in informing the general public about the Arab/Palestinian case, but though they have already achieved a relatively good progress, they still have a long way to go to catch up and compete with the Zionist pressure groups. Unfortunately American Arab groups lack the unlimited funds the Zionists groups enjoy in the United States and elsewhere. Also official Arab support is very shy and limited, if any.

Arab activists are faced with discrimination politically, financially, commercially, and in the media. In many cases Arab activists and their supporters were and still are being threatened with their lives and livelihood.

As this study was written in the English language, and it is addressed to readers of the same language, who are also the readers of fiction written in it; so I was looking for a publisher in the United States of America. We contacted a publisher who lived in Palestine in the past, and is sympathetic with the Palestinian Arab cause, and it happens that he is working on a book on Zionist terrorism. We wrote to this publisher to request him to publish this book and gave him a resume about its subject matter. He wrote back apologizing and regretting, although he wished us success in our project, adding that he is ready to give us all the support and help we may need. We quote here under excerpts from his message. We are sure that they justify his regret:

It is difficult to a find publisher in the U.S. willing to take on a book challenging the Jewish establishment. Zionists are very powerful here and can be ruthless adversaries when angered.

If you use the title you are considering using for your book you will only reach people already sympathetic to your viewpoint. People in the middle of the road on the Palestine issue will not probably buy it since they probably consider it to be biased just from the title.

What this publisher called "the people in the middle of the road" are those whom we called the ordinary American fiction readers, who are exposed to intensive and biased Zionist propaganda. Although such people are neutral in principle as they are not committed to either party of the conflict, but they are brainwashed with every day Zionist propaganda for which they are easy targets. They are not to be blamed if they consider any literature that defies Zionist propaganda, and expresses our viewpoint… the facts and rights of the Arabs in Palestine as biased and probably anti-Semitic. It could be that we have to be blamed for our failure to approach the Western public to enlighten it on the Palestinian issue. But it is important to mention that the great majority of Arab immigrants in the west came to settle down there, and make a new life in the new country. They did not intend to carry with them the old country problems. On the other hand Zionist Jews although they refuse to go and settle in the "promised land," the Zionist state, but they want to impose its problems and endless demands on the American public and administration.

Jack G. Shaheen, Professor of mass communication Emeritus Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville wrote:

In 1974, I began documenting and discussing Arab and Moslem images for my book The TV Arab (1984). I traveled to New York City and Los Angeles to meet with and solicit opinions from a number of news directors, producers, writers, and network executives. I still recall the rationale for stereotyping in 1982 by James Baerg, Director for CBS-TV: "I THINK," he remarked, "The Arab stereotype is attractive to a number of people. It is an easy thing to do. It is the thing that is going to be the most readily accepted by a large number of the audience. It is the same as throwing in sex and violence when an episode is slow.''

Not much has changed since then. Research verifies that lurid and insidious depictions of Arabs are stable fare. The Arab Moslem continues to surface as the threatening culture "Other." As John Esposito says, "fear of the Green Menace [green being the color of Islam] may well replace that of the red menace of world communism (…) Islam is often equated with holy war and hatred, fanaticism and violence, intolerance and the oppression of women. (1)

As our readers shall find out in our study, John Esposito's description of Islam endorses our reviews of Zionist propaganda in fiction.

The United States government must also bear some of the blame for American public ignorance concerning the Palestinian issue. U.S. administrations repeatedly claim that Israel is their strategic ally, although there is no formal agreement between the two countries. They also Emphasize U.S. "commitment to maintaining Israel's qualitative edge in the military area, over all Arab states together."

The United States does not limit its support to the Zionist state in the Middle East, but extends it back to the United States itself. The United States prides itself with being a land of liberty and justice for all. But it limits the application of certain deterring laws and regulation to a particular group of its citizens or permanent residents, namely Arabs and Moslems.

Before closing our prologue we would like to stress that Zionist influence in its various forms over American life, on which we did not elaborate, as it could be the subject matter of a separate volume, forms a background for Zionist propaganda in American fiction. The Jewish American writer J. J. Goldberg wrote in his book Jewish Power Inside the Jewish American Establishment a description of the Zionist attitude towards the world about them.

The Zionist attitude does not tolerate from others and even from Israel's "strategic ally," the United States of America, except complete loyalty and commitment to its own cause. The following quotation is related to the U.S. government's decision to sell AWACS planes, that is the air born radar, to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a very important ally of the United States, whose security is of utmost importance to its own. It ought to be noted that the AWACS coverage does not reach the Israeli air space, and their use is controlled, unlike is the case with the Zionist state, by the U. S. itself, Goldberg wrote:

Israel and its American supporters learned to mouth the new refrain, but they did not fully absorb its meaning at first. For a decade, Jerusalem continued approaching Washington with a measure of humility, careful not to wear out its welcome. AWACS was Israel's way of signaling that those days were over. From now on no more Mr. Nice Guy in Jerusalem. Israel was henceforth willing to bite the hand that fed it. (2)

In our following study we a selected a number of Zionist propaganda novels, that we consider as a reasonable cross section of a vast number of such novels published during the half-century that followed the fall of Palestine in the hands of the Zionist invaders. Each of these novels was individually reviewed, selecting as many as possible of the distorted facts, and corrected them with historical and documented evidences.

1- Shaheen, Jack G., Arab and Moslem Stereotyping in American Culture - Center for Moslem-Christian Understanding, 1997 P. 2
2- Goldberg, J.J. Jewish Power Inside the American Jewish Establishment, P. 199.

Epilogue of "Zionist Propaganda in American Fiction" (2003) by Adib S. Kawar

Zionist propaganda in American fiction revolves around various topics related to Palestine, Palestinians and the rest of the Arabs, as well as Jews, Judaism, Zionism and its state known as Israel. These topics are usually present in these novels and are repeated over and over in them. We can synopsize these topics as follows:


Most Jews today are descendents from a heritage that is not related to Semitism. Most of them are of Khazari Turkish descent who followed their king's decision to adopt Judaism. Thus if we accept, without argument, that Hebrews has a historical right in Palestine, then the vast majority of European Jews, and hence most of today's Jews, are disqualified. Judaism, according to its laws, follows a special god who is not supposed to be shared with the goyyim, and it is not preached. On this basis Khazari Jews and their descendents who spread all over the world, according to these laws, cannot be considered as full-fledged Jews. Judaism limits its followers to only those who were born from a Jewish mother, and not those who are the off springs of a Jewish father and a non-Jewish mother.

Zionism is non other then creating a nationality from a religious group, that is introducing politics to religion. Judaism is a religion like all other religions whose followers are spread over most parts of the world; so if we accept the claim that Judaism is a nationality, then all the Christians, Moslems, Buddhists etc each could claim the right to belong to one state, which should include all the followers of each religion.

Zionism applies the extremist Jewish doctrines, which considers the non-Jews as of a lower caliber of peoples, who are the others, the goyyim, and Jews has certain rights that others are not eligible for. One could conclude that Zionism is a racist movement.

Some Zionist novelists such as James Michener in his novel The Source claims: Just like the Jews, denied religious liberty by all they extend it to others. I'd feel like a traveler to Israel if they'd let me see one good synagogue. According to those novelists one can see Christian, Moslem and Bahrain shrines but no prominent Synagogues. This means the Arab heritage whether Christian or Moslem has very deep roots in Palestine, and because real religious tolerance is deeply founded in this heritage. Thus if there are no outstanding Jewish religious shrines in Palestine, it is because of one of two things: Judaism has no deep roots in Palestine, or Jews if they do not build them.

Bruno Kraisky, the Jewish ex-Chancler of Austria said, there is no Jewish people; there is a Jewish religion.


Zionists claim that they are the only group of people in the world who suffered persecution and terrorism through out modern and ancient history. They claim that they are the only group of people who suffered persecution in Nazi Germany, and thus they deny that other ethnic and religious groups had suffered it or shared it with them. On this basis they deny that the Poles, Lithuanians, Gypsies, socialists etc had fell victims of Nazi persecution. On this basis they deny the Catholic Poles the right to erect a monument to commemorate the memory of their fellow citizens who fell victims of Nazi persecution at the Auschwitz detention camp. They also claim that they are the only victims of the Crusader invasion of the Arab land although all the sectors of the community including Christian Arabs and Byzantines fell victims on the hands of those who came under the banner of the cross. Crusader persecution was aimed at the whole community, and it was the spearhead of modern imperialism. They claim that they came to rescue the Holy Land from the hands of the infidels, meaning somehow Moslems. On this basis, if Arab Jews had suffered persecution on the hands of the Crusaders, it is because they were part of a whole, the Arab people.

They also claim that they were the only victims of the Spanish inquisition in the Middle Ages among Arabs in Andalusia.

Zionism gives itself the right to persecute and terrorize Arabs, and of course the Palestinians among them in the first place, this in revenge of the persecution they suffered in the west. Because of this they committed massacres against Arabs and forced them out of their occupied land.

The Zionist state inherited the terrorism of the Zionist gangs before it came into existence, and it legalized terrorism, which became state terrorism.

The Jewish, anti-Zionist historian, Dr. Norman G. Finkelstein said that Zionists converted the memory of the Holocaust into an industry, although they concluded agreements with Nazi Germany.

Zionism did not spare any country in the world even the United States, which stands in the face of the whole world to support the Zionist state. They did not save even Great Britain without whose great support the Zionist state would never have come into existence. Zionism is now practicing political blackmailing against the United States to force it to increase its extensive political, diplomatic, financial, economic and military support. They take the liberty to spy on the United States, steal its advanced technology and uranium for their atomic weapons. Yitzhak Shamir the former Israeli prime minister waged a certain type of terrorism against the United States and disclosed its secrets to its former great enemy, the Soviet Union.

It is most important to mention while discussing Zionist terrorism, that Zionism and its secret service, the Mossad, had quite often practiced its terrorism against even Jews to serve its objectives. In 1941 the Mossad sank a ship with its 250 Jewish European refugees to create international sympathy for other Jewish emigrants. They wanted to force the British Mandate authorities in Palestine to wide open its gates wide open for unlimited Jewish immigration, which only due to the war necessities, had to limit this immigration or organize it. Agents of the Mossad threw hand grenades at Jewish synagogues in Baghdad killing a number of Iraqi Jews. Their aim was to frighten the about 400,000 Iraqi Jews and drive them to leave Iraq and go to occupied Palestine. As we have already mentioned, the Zionist movement conspired with Nazi Germany to allow young German and other European Jews, along with Jewish scientists to emigrate to Palestine. They sacrificed big numbers of the un-usefull Jewish elements, that is the old and crippled to be shipped to the Nazi detention camps.

In brief Zionism wants to monopolize the role of the persecuted and the persecutor.


Zionist novelists try to create justifications to give Zionism the right to confiscate Arab land in Palestine and other parts of the Arab land. Their justifications revolve around various points such as: land development, the historical right and the moral right, this is in spite of the fact that in 1948 Palestinians owned 94% of the total area of Palestine. The remaining 6% reached Zionists hands through deceive, and the pressure and the crocked means the British mandate authorities used to apply to enable Zionists to get hold of Arab land. The British authorities also leased, at nominal prices, large areas of public owned land for 99 years to the Zionists.

The right to own a piece of land in any country, should be justified by certain rules, but to give a whole country to strangers, could not be justified by any means or under any laws. As we mentioned here above, the Zionist justifications for land ownership, which Zionist novelists adopted, such as the historical right and the moral right etc, will be refuted when we know that the early Zionist Jews starting with Theodore Hertzel, were ready to establish their state on any land available to them in any part of the world. They never insisted on Palestine, which according to the Biblical myth is called the Promised Land. But the British government, for the well-known imperialistic, racist, political and strategic reasons insisted on Palestine as a sight for this state. As for the moral right, as a justification for establishing a state, for a religious group gathered from various nationalities, on another people's land making of them refugees, is most immoral.


Zionists, including Zionist novelists, admitted, that it is only by virtue of the British Mandate that the Zionist State was established in Palestine. And had it not been for the enforcement of the British Mandate on Palestine by the League of Nations, which was controlled by the victors in the First World War, among whom Great Britain took the leading role, preceded by the Sykes / Picot Agreement and the Belford Declaration, both of which, aimed at fragmenting the Arab land, and the establishment of a home land for the Jews, and hence a Zionist state. Zionist novelists admitted this British favor. In spite of this they tried to justify the terror the Zionist gangs committed against the British mandate authorities. Leon Uris even went to the extent of claiming that the U.S. President, Harry Truman sided with the Arabs against the passing of the Palestine Partition Plan!!!

The British mandate authorities tried their best, by means of terror and favors, to enable the Zionists to confiscate the Palestinian Arab land.

British colonialism of large parts of the Arab land, and the treaties imposed on the Arab puppet rulers it placed on the so-called Arab thrones, was in full control of their armies. Thus British Imperialism could cripple the efficiency of the Arab armies, which were shoved into the most decisive battle in the history of Palestine and the Arabs. A small number of poorly armed soldiers were drafted in the Arab armies sent to Palestine to fight the Zionist invaders. Their total number in addition to the Palestinian fighters did not exceed one third of number of men the Zionist militias drafted and joined the battle of Palestine. These armies were sent with orders not to fight, and resist the Zionist invasion. It should be noted that Arab armies, which were only shoved in this battle unprepared, was to face save the Arab puppet rulers.

British imperialism was all the way helping, facilitating and supporting Jewish immigration into Palestine, and it was training and arming those immigrants. During W.W. II 40,000 to 50,000 Jews, men and women, were drafted to join the Jewish Battalion in the British army who were trained, armed and gained fighting experience, but all what they contributed to the allied war efforts was to organize illegal Jewish emigration to Palestine. On the other hand gallows were erected for Arab resistance fighters, their homes were demolished (which was copied by the Zionist state) and confiscating what ever old arms the Arabs could lay hand on, paying for it money, which was supposed to buy bread for their families. Arab armies fought a battle, in which the balance of power was not at all in their favor, but they fought a heroic battle and their sacrifices were great, but still they inflicted heavy losses on the enemy.


With the support of the British mandate authorities, the big, well trained and armed Zionist gangs committed, in what they called The War of Independence, big massacres against Palestinian Arabs to terrorize them and drive them to leave their homes and land. Their aim was to have Palestine without Palestinians that is they committed the war crime of ethnic cleansing. They wanted to prove the fallacy of a land without a people for a people without a land. They wanted to create a pure Jewish state. This is how the Palestinian refugee problem was started. In spite of these historical facts, Zionists claimed that Arab rulers called on, and pressurized Palestinian Arabs, to leave their land to give their armies a free hand to liberate it!!!

The new Israeli historians admitted that Palestinian Arabs were expelled out of their homes and land by the force of arms, massacres and terrorism committed by Zionist gangs. Later the newly created Zionist state completed these war crimes.


Zionist novelists, as a general rule, put words on the tongues of their Arab and foreign characters, and rarely their Zionist characters who were usually portrayed as being more noble, to defame Arabs, or justify Zionist plans and aims. Zionists are portrayed as being more straightforward and liberal to commit crimes! Zionists plant trees, and Arabs turn gardens to deserts. Examples of this policy are numerous in almost all Zionist propaganda novels. This policy of defaming one's self on his own tongue is more effective, as per the Arab saying: the testimony was made by the accused himself.

During a conversation between the Zionist hero and his beloved English Christian nurse, the Zionist novelist, Leon Uris, quoted her describing the Christians of Nazareth as, they are Christians who need a bath.

It goes without saying that Zionist propaganda aims defaming Arabs. This is a common factor in novels with a Zionist inclination. Zionist novelists distortion of facts was not limited to defaming Arabs socially, but it also included Islam and Christianity and their Arab followers.

Arabs are stereotyped as immoral, brutal and sex maniacs, this is while Zionist heroes are sensitive and romantic even when Arab women line up to be favored to have sexual intercourse with them!!!


All Zionist novelists without exception throw accusations, and the meanest attributions on Palestinian and other Arab resistance men against Israeli occupation. They are called dope traffickers, pimps, criminals, they are the meanest creatures ever and they terrorize the poor peace loving Jewish refugees who return to their homeland after thousands of years in their Diaspora. Of course Zionists do not consider Palestinian resistance men as freedom fighters, who are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect and recover their occupied land. Those Zionist novelists claim, and they put it on the tongues their Palestinian characters that they are sent to die without justification.

In spite of that, Leon Uris wrote describing the Palestinian resistance leader Abdul Kader Al-Husseini who fell martyr in 1948, as the only good Palestinian resistance leader. But he reversed his positive description, to claim that this leader knows nothing about military matters, and we are not going to repeat the mean words he used to describe him with. Abdul Al-Kader fell a martyr only when he ran out of ammunitions, and after he inflicted heavy loses on the Zionist enemy.

Zionist novelists claim that had the Arabs loved their county they would have fought to protect it. This is an unfounded claim and a big lie. Palestinians had been resisting the British Mandate and the Zionist invasion, and their INTIFADAH was going on for over a century and a quarter, that is since the first Zionist colonizer sat foot in Palestine during the last quarter of the 19th century. Palestinian fighters are still resisting Zionist occupation in spite of the great deficit in the balance of power in favor of the enemy. Palestinians had sacrificed tens of thousands of martyrs, and inflicted on the enemy heavy loses. The Palestinian INTIFADAH is still going strong till today's date, to resist their elimination and expulsion from their land in spite of the brutal force and war crimes the Israeli Occupation Force is inflicting on them, but Palestinians are adamant not to be forced out of their land again, "transfer."

Zionist novelists contrAdibt them selves quite often in the same novel, and they lie and practice hypocrisy when they write about the Palestinian resistance, like when they bring up all the subjects their propaganda revolves around. While they say, as we said here above, they did not fight for their land, they make 180 degrees turn, and start relating how they fought bravely till the last man and the last bullet to defend their land and homes. They were fighting against an enemy who is by far superior in numbers and armament, training and the unlimited support of the British in the past and the Americans at the present.


We wrote above about the lack in the balance of power between the Zionists and the Arabs, which is greatly in favor of the first and the reasons causing it, but Zionist novelists as usual distort facts. They claim that the Arabs in 1948, as James Michener claimed in his novel THE SOURCE, out numbered the Zionist fighters by fifty folds, and had unlimited supplies of arms and ammunitions, but they still ran away upon hearing the sound of the bullet, leaving behind them stores full of ammunitions, arms and food stuff. Arabs, as we have already said, had to deprive their children of their daily bread to buy arms and ammunitions to defend them. All the arms they could buy were very old and hardly effective. They also claimed that the British upon withdrawing from Palestine handed their army barracks full of ammunitions, weapons and food supplies. The British advised the Zionist about their evacuation dates and coordinated with the Zionist gangs to occupy these sites, while the Arabs knew about the British army evacuation too late, and only when those sites were already occupied by the Zionists. A good example is what took place Haifa. On the other hand British executives and army officers were trying to frighten Arabs, and exaggerating the Deir Yassin massacre, to push Arabs to flee from their homes, especially that the Arabs were barely armed, and of course not because they did not try to. We have already explained why.

AL-KUDS / JERUSALEM Zionist novelists repeat the fallacy of the historical right of the Jews in Jerusalem as being the city of David. They also claim that it is completely a Jewish city that could not be shared with any other ethnic or religious group of people, including the Arabs as a nation, nor Christians and Moslems as religious groups.

The Arab Yabusites first founded Al- Kuds / Jerusalem 1500 years before the first Hebrew nomad tribes sat foot in Palestine, which was known than as the land of Canaan. It is extremely important to mention that the Yabusites were of the earliest people to live in Palestine. The Yabusites called their city Uuroshaleim, which was derived from the Canaanite Yebusite word Uuroshaleim (from "Yara" meaning to establish or "Ur" meaning a site or a city; and "sholmano", "shalem" or "shalm", who is the Semite god of peace. This is while the Hebrews altered the name to Yurshalim.

The Hebrew king David made Jerusalem his capital, which lasted only for a short period of time, when the Yabusites liberated the city they founded.


Zionist propaganda claims that no body in the world likes the Jews, even the good Jew; so they should have a state of their own. No doubt that Jews were persecuted in Europe, as other ethnic and religious groups through out history, and in many parts of the world, were also persecuted. But Jews were never persecuted in any part of the Arab land. They were considered by their other compatriots as Arab citizens sharing with other Arab citizens their rights and obligations. On this basis if the West, starting with the British, wanted to get rid of their Jewish citizens, for racist and colonialist reasons, they should establish for them a state on a part of their land. But the logic of imperialism can not bet debated, as it is the logic of strength, and it is not concerned with the right of a people in their land, their moral, human or historical rights.

The pre-Zionism Jews, and there are still some of them, who does not want to leave their homelands as they are assimilated among their compatriots. They did not want to leave their own countries, but Zionism was created by western colonialism and racialism for the well-known reasons.


Zionist novelists claim that it is easier for Arabs to deal with Zionist Jews rather then Arabs dealing with each other, and that they are fairer as partners. This is a claim that those novelists put on the tongues of their Arab characters. The claim is made in relation with the Palestinian refugees whom Arab rulers, as claimed, want to keep in their camps of misery to exploit them politically! Actually Zionists want to deprive them of their right of return to their land and homes, from which they were expelled out from by force of arms, to be replaces by foreign elements.

Zionist propaganda claims that Zionists are obliged to adopt an offensive policy even though this contrAdibts with their morals and values!!!

Where are those easy to deal with and fair Zionists, and where are those high morals when Zionism commits all sorts of war crimes, assassinate Arab human beings and rape their lawful rights. This is while a Zionist novelist puts on the tongue of his peace loving Zionist hero: What sort of human beings are those… those people whose hearts are full with malice, that creates nothing but malice and who live for malice? It looks like as if those novelists were looking into their mirrors, and sees no body else then themselves, and thus they draw their own portraits.


Zionist propaganda stresses on resisting any sort of Arab unity and/or cooperation, the reason is clear. It means that any sort of Arab unity or cooperation is strength for the Arabs in facing the Zionist invasion. Zionism aims at strengthening the Arab land fragmentation to be able to control the Arabs and their destinies.

The only partial Arab unity accepted by Zionism is that of Palestine and Trans Jordan, to enable them to extend the eastern borders of their State up to the eastern border of Trans Jordan if not further.


Zionist propaganda claims, and Zionist novelists adopt the claim, that the West is being courteous to the Arabs, because they need their oil, and the ease to reach its sources. This is while the West, with its colonialist procedures, is deepening Arab fragmentation to further weaken them, thus be able to control their potentials, wealth and their oil. We firmly believe that the unlimited Western support to the Zionist state is to "protect" Arab fragmentation, and resist any sort of Arab unity or cooperation.

Jews in the past were assimilated in their societies, and they neither thought of nor wanted a state of their own. But Western colonialism created the Zionist ideology for the well-known reasons.


Ken Follet in his novel TRIPPLE, like other Zionist novelists, express their racialism when talking about Arabs in a rude manner. Follet classifies Arabs as Negroes, although we do not differentiate between people according to their color or religion, but Arabs, with the exception of some of them are dark in color even though they are not of the Negro race. Arabs including Palestinian are Semites.

Follet wrote: He is handsome although he is a Negro; they are arrogant when they get rich and when they are invited to white people's homes. Follet was describing a Palestinian Arab. This is a very good proof of Zionist racialism.

Zionism behaves in a racial manner not only against Arabs, but also against all the peoples of the world whom they call Goyyim that is the others. What was expressed in Deuteronomy: But of the cities of these people which the Lord thy God doth give thee for an inheritance shall save nothing that breath… And thou shalt consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee; thine eyes shall have no pity upon them. This is what Zionism had and still almost applying in occupied Palestine, this is what is known as ethnic cleansing against Arabs, the Goyyim.

In spite of that, any criticism of this racialist Zionist policy and behavior is called anti-Semitism. According to them, Zionists has the right to behave in a manner that is denied to the Goyyim.


The Zionist state is one of the few states in the world, which did not sign The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty , nor did it open its nuclear installations for the inspection of the Atomic Energy Agency . It went to the extent of misleading its strategic ally the United States, or the United States wanted to be misleading, when it said it wanted to inspect the Israeli nuclear installations by camouflaging these installations.

The Zionist state wants to impose surrender on Arabs by frightening them with its nuclear weapons arsenal. According to its strategic ally, the United States, this state has at least 400 nuclear heads and the means to drop them in any location of the world. This is while the Arabs are denied to have this right. But did this prevent Israel from waging one war after the other against Arabs? Zionist novelists, among whom Follet is one, claimed that Israel wanted only to frighten Arabs from waging a war against it, but it is actually using it to extend its borders.


One of the "Rambo heroes" of a Zionist novelist told his men: Let's go… good luck… don't take any prisoners of war. This is actually a reflection of what happened, and is still happening, when the Zionist state goes into combat against any Arab fighters. This is what took place when the Zionist state invaded the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula more then once, when hundreds of wounded Egyptian soldiers and war prisoners were cold bloodedly murdered by order of their superiors. The U. S. Liberty spy ship heard this order; so the Israeli air force was ordered to sink its close ally's ship. This is also what is taking place in occupied Palestine; hundreds of Palestinian resistance men are being assassinated daily, and with them many civilians including men and women of all ages including babies and embryos, even though, as well known, Israeli law forbids execution.


Zionist novelists glorify Israeli soldiers and Mossad men; they claim that those men are faultless. They are all exceptional. Each one of them can eliminate hundreds of Arab and even soviet fighters single-handed. Zionists are always exceptional, brilliant and could not be beaten, but in spite of that they claim that Arab resistance men are terrorists, bloodthirsty and try to exterminate thousands of innocent American civilians.


Any critic of Israel the Zionist State, or Zionism is accused with anti-Semitism. Even Semitic Arabs are also accused of anti-Semitism when they resist Israeli occupation!!!

We conclude that Zionist novelists ruminate and repeat the official Zionist Israeli propaganda, and sometimes it surpasses it.

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